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Gabriel pushed all other worries to the back of his mind as he saw Dawn properly, the large black eyes watched him warily but the vampyre moved to Dawn's face he rested a hand on Dawn's back skin.

“why didn’t you tell me?” he said quietly the large face seemed to smile sadly but Gabriel only heard a string of low growls and snarls in his mind.

“He’s not well, Gabriel.” Lou sighed.

“I gathered” the vampyre snapped “I thought you sorted this.”

“He asked me to bind it until we were back here.” Lou said “he didn’t want to worry anyone.”

“But in Bain,” Gabriel frowned “I didn’t see any binding magick.”

“Perhaps,” Lou smiled slightly “if you'd looked.” Gabriel thought back and realized that he'd only seen Dawn standing in the pool his legs half under the water before he'd looked away.

The large daemon lifted a hand slowly moving it to sit beside Gabriel then he stopped and growled miserably.

“Lou,” Rega said urgently “we need to stop this bleeding.”

“You’ll be alright?” Lou asked Gabriel who nodded not looking at the daemon. Lou moved behind Dawn the spines had grown from five inches to around two feet each. Gabriel moved back as Dawn rested his hand beside him palm up growling gently. Gabriel looked at the daemons face.

“You want me up there?” he asked the daemon nodded wearily. Gabriel frowned trying to work out how to climb onto the huge hand without using his claws.

“Gabriel,” Lou said coming to the vampyres side. “Come on.” He moved and Gabriel let the daemon help him up. Dawn watched Gabriel sit down on his huge black palm. “Dawn,” Lou said moving back to Dawn's face. “You’re daemon form is changing, I don’t know why.” Dawn's face twisted into an angry frown a warning growl issuing from him.

“What do you mean, changing?” Gabriel asked.

“I mean changing” Lou said again “your spines have grown and your scales are changing too.” Gabriel looked down at the large daemons chest. The scales ran down the right side of his chest, covering his heart and lung down his stomach and legs. But even as Gabriel watched they seemed to shimmer a few vanishing at a time from one edge and appearing somewhere else. Dawn's right arm was soon covered and the scales moved up wrapping around his neck. Dawn sighed his huge body relaxing as the changes, as Lou called them, seemed to stop.

“Are you alright?” Gabriel asked Dawn looked at him and nodded slightly. “can you change back?” Dawn's features creased in concentration but he stayed the same he tried again this time something crunched loudly and the daemon roared in pain, Gabriel leapt from Dawn's hand as the large fingers curled into a fist. One sharp claw caught the vampyres side and he crashed onto the wooden floor. Lou moved quickly picking Gabriel up as the huge daemons fist swung as he tried to pull himself up.

“Are you okay?” Lou muttered hurriedly as he watched Dawn twist trying to reach his back. Gabriel stood hunched his hand pressed to his side.

“I'm fine.” He snapped “what was that?” Gabriel realized that Dawn was trying to reach his wings.
“His wings are changing” Rega said hurrying to them. “Poor thing.” The tiger’s tail was down his ears flat against the sides of his head. Dawn howled as his other wing cracked the bones changing positions.

“He couldn’t fly before” Lou said Gabriel looked at him as if he were stupid. “I mean his daemon form couldn’t fly. I never did work out why.”

“Lucifer,” Gabriel snapped “why not do your daemon thing and help him?”

“huh?” Lou frowned.

“Your daemon form.” Rega interpreted. “You can comfort him more easily if you're the same size.” Gabriel nodded.

“Don’t worry,” Dawn's pained voice muttered in their minds. “Don’t do anything.” Dawn’s body twitched as he began to shrink down the pain that tore into him seemed to be a relief from the agony before. After a moment Dawn lay curled up on the bloody mattress his black wings visible.

“Dawn,” Gabriel pulled out of Lou's tight grip moving as fast as he could to kneel at Dawn's side, Dawn's brown eyes looked up.

“hey.” He breathed a small, tired smile on his face.

“Hey,” Gabriel smiled Dawn frowned as he saw blood dripping slowly over the claws that Gabriel pressed to his side.

“What?” Dawn began to struggle into a sitting position.
“Don’t you dare.” Gabriel growled pushing Dawn's shoulder gently the daemon didn’t have the energy to argue.

“Come on boys,” Lou said softly “let’s get you both cleaned up.”   

The End

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