Daemonic ProblemsMature

Gabriel rounded the corner a few moments later he was furious enough that he didn’t notice the figure that followed a few yards behind him.


Dawn was grateful for the mattress that he used as a pillow but he wriggled against the wooden floor as his wings sat awkwardly.

“Will you stay still?” Lou sighed for the fifth time.

“I'm bored.” Dawn grumbled.

“Alright” Lou said standing up “shall we try without the band?” Dawn stopped wriggling, his big eyes looking up at Lou as he walked around the top of his head.

“What if something goes wrong?” he asked Lou patted Dawn's cheek.

“It’ll be fine” he said calmly.

“I hope so.”


Gabriel moved quickly through the corridors trying to find his room again, instead he came out on a mezzanine floor. Chairs were set out in rows looking out over the edge. The vampyre turned suddenly as he heard a low rumble in the room below.


Dawn groaned as Lou flicked his hand and the magick band around his ankle vanished.

“How is it?” Lou asked gently, Dawn didn’t reply as his mind began to cloud over, his demonic anger flooded his reason and calm nature. His large black eyes narrowed as he sat up. “Dawn, lay down.” Lou said Dawn looked down at his father then at the little tiger who moved near his feet.

“Dawn,” Rega said loudly “stay there” Rega looked worriedly at Lou when Dawn suddenly groaned again his hands moving to grip the sides of his head as pain tore into his skull, his anger vanished.

“Lay back” Lou said Dawn closed his eyes and rolled onto his side his head still gripped in his clawed hands. “Where does it hurt the most?” Dawn's mouth moved as he tried to talk but the capacity for telepathic speech had gone and a low rumbling growl issued instead.


Gabriel looked over the edge of the balcony and saw the huge daemon curled up he frowned as Lou seemed to just stand there.


“Dawn, can you look at me?” Lou said quietly. The big eyes opened for a moment before squeezing shut again.

“Lou.” Rega growled the daemon moved and froze as he saw black blood pooling beneath Dawn's side as the ridge of spines down the centre of his back pushed their way out, growing quickly they split the scales around them. Dawn snarled as his eyes snapped open.

“It’s alright.” Lou said coming around to look at Dawn. He skipped back as Dawn's huge hand rose a deep growl shook the floor, but the hand didn’t fall.

“sire.” Rega said looking up.


Gabriel turned as he heard a chair scrape behind him, in the strange mix of light he couldn’t see anything in the shadows at the back of the mezzanine floor.

“who's there?” he snarled into the darkness he saw something move and instantly his hands flew up his magick hit something solid and he heard an angry yet quiet curse as someone stumbled then ran. Gabriel yelled furiously as the door he'd come through opened then slammed shut. The vampyre spun his magick sparking as Lou appeared beside him.

“What are you doing here?” the daemon snapped.

“Coming to see what's happening, seeing as you wont tell me.” Gabriel growled

“Gabriel,” Dawn didn’t want anyone to know about this.”

“tough.” Gabriel snapped “what's wrong with him and why am I being followed?”

“Followed?” Lou frowned.

“Yes, followed” Gabriel shouted.

“Later.” Lou sighed “for now lets get you down to Dawn.” 

The End

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