Whispered ConversationsMature

Gabriel yawned, stretching he pushed the covers away he shivered and stood up lighting a cigarette. Turning on the lamp beside his bed he frowned at the clock. It was ten in the evening then shrugging he stripped off his crumpled clothes and pulled on thick black cotton trousers and a hoodie shoving one hand into his pocket and wandered out of his room. Both Lou and Dawn's doors were both shut and he contemplated telling them he was going out for a split second before sniffing and walking away down the corridor.


Dawn watched the little tiger move around him, the daemons large black eyes followed every move Rega made as the striped daemon prodded and poked him.

“I see no problem at the moment.” Rega frowned looking at Lou who was stood near Dawn's head. Dawn sat up flexing his huge wings.

“Lay back down.” Lou said gently.

“Not unless you find something more comfortable than the floor.” Dawn growled in his fathers mind “wood isn’t comfortable, you know?” Lou smiled.

“Will you be alright on your own for a moment?” he asked Dawn sighed his big shoulders dropping and he nodded. Rega made a strangled yelping sound as Lou took his shoulder and vanished.

Dawn looked up at the beautifully carved ceiling he could see it properly at this height, but the strange green and red shades his eyes could see made him growl to himself and look down he moved seeing the band of magick still around his ankle and knew that the next stage was to take it off and find out what would happen.


Gabriel swiftly padded down the dark corridors humming quietly to himself. He didn’t know the song but living with Van Hay meant having music playing somewhere.


He paused hearing someone ahead.

“So what do you think?” Lou's voice was low and Gabriel moved a little closer to the corner.

“I'm not sure.” This sounded like Rega. “I think the fact that his daemon form never really had the chance to establish itself and the fact that until recently he never used it.” He tiger paused as something heavy moved. “Also the emotional upheaval of meeting a certain angel again.”

“Hm” Lou said thoughtfully “I do wonder if Gabriel knows what he's doing more than he makes out.”

“What do you mean?” Rega asked.

“Well, he seems to play Dawn's emotions from what I've seen.” Gabriel made himself stay still swallowing the snarl that built up in his throat.

“I can’t really comment.” Rega said “I don’t know either of them that well but I don’t think Gabriel knows how much influence he has over Dawn.

“Perhaps,” Lou sighed “lets get back before he wonders where we are.” 

The End

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