“You still do.” Dawn smiled.

“They’re not normal.” Gabriel said Dawn brought one of Gabriel's clawed hands up to his face and carefully set it on his cheek his own hand covering it.

“I like them.” Dawn said Gabriel didn’t dare move seeing the razor tip of a claw near the daemons eye.

“Dawn,” Gabriel sighed “I want to lay down.” Dawn smiled and quickly let him go leaning up he kissed the vampyres forehead.

“Did you want see Rega?”


Gabriel didn’t really want to see Rega knowing the nature of the tigers visit, but he sighed and nodded. Dawn moved opening the door but there was no sign of the tiger.

“Rega?” he called.

“In here.” Came a voice from Lou's room Dawn stepped in and saw Rega sat beside his father on a large couch.

“hey.” Dawn said Lou frowned.

“Dawn?” he asked but Dawn shook his head.

“I'm alright.” He said lighting a cigarette, Lou looked at Rega then stood moving to Dawn he avoided the cigarette as he pulled his son into a tight hug.

“It’ll be okay.” Lou said quietly.

“I hope so.” Dawn said as Lou let him go.

“He’ll be okay too.” Lou added Dawn looked sharply at him.

“Well,” Rega purred “let’s take a look at him, shall we?”


Rega looked carefully at Gabriel's face, all that was visible of the vampyre who had bundled himself up in the double duvet and was fast asleep.

“Let’s leave him for tonight.” Rega smiled.

“He must be boiling beneath that lot.” Lou frowned

“He’s never boiling.” Dawn said as he turned the lamp beside the bed off. “He’s always cold.”

“That’s a bit strange.” Rega said thoughtfully.

“He’s always been the same” Dawn shrugged.

“Fair enough,” Rega turned to Dawn. “Let’s take a look at you first then.”

“alright.” Dawn nodded. 

The End

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