Memory of Time Long GoneMature

Gabriel was sat in his room on the bed, a cigarette hung from his mouth.

“Hey” Dawn called from the door Gabriel jumped looking up sharply then he looked down as an inch of ash from his burnt out cigarette landed on his hand.

“What?” he snapped brushing it away, then he sighed. “sorry.” The daemon smiled.

“What’s up?”

“Little things, mostly Lewis and Allegra.”

“Lou's sent his scouts out again, hopefully they’ll find something this time.” Dawn said carefully, Gabriel nodded. “i am still wondering what happened though.”

“When?” Gabriel asked lighting a new cigarette.

“With the teleport.” Dawn said sitting down beside him, he lifted the silver braid from beside the vampyre, and Gabriel sniffed.

“I wonder about the whole thing, Holehallow, the teleport all of it.” Dawn sighed still holding the braid he absently played with the end of it.

“None of it was quite right.” He agreed.

“no.” Gabriel looked down at the daemons hands. “Dawn?” he frowned “what are you doing?” Dawn looked down realizing that he'd all but undone the tie at the end of Gabriel's hair.

“Sorry” he muttered retying it quickly but not letting go. “Gabriel?” he said slowly not looking up. “I love you.” The vampyre smiled.

“I know.” He said Dawn looked up and grinned as he swiped the end of Gabriel’s braid down the vampyres neck. The low growl was instant as Gabriel's hand snapped up, his claws tightened around Dawn's wrist. “Don’t.” he snarled Dawn smiled sadly.

“Rega's outside” he said standing up but the vampyre didn’t let go. Dawn looked back and saw Gabriel staring at the bed where he'd been sitting.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said but the glassy blue eyes didn’t move.


Gabriel stood at the window of his large room staring out at the city of Paradise. Then sighing he straightened his immaculate black uniform, making sure the gold seams weren’t twisted then he picked his belt up sliding his sword sheath onto the right side before buckling it up. The door opened and his hand flew to the hilt of his sword. Dawn's hands flew up showing he was unarmed.

“Don’t you knock?” Gabriel growled “I could have been getting dressed.” Dawn grinned as he strode across the room wrapping his arms around his prince.

“So?” he muttered in the angels ear. “I've seen it all before anyway.” Gabriel laughed as Dawn kissed his neck.

“Hey, don’t do that.” He grumbled half-heartedly, he ducked out of Dawn's grip. “I have to go,” he re-straightened his collar. “I have to see mother.” Dawn’s playful mood vanished his expression darkening.

“Will I be cleaning you up again?” he snarled Gabriel sighed.

“I hope not.” He said.


“Gabriel?” Dawn's voice cut into the memory. “Come on, you're cutting off the blood supply.” Gabriel blinked and realized that his hand was clamped around Dawn's wrist. He let go quickly and Dawn rubbed the red marks left from Gabriel's solid claws. “What did you see?” he asked.

“Us,” Gabriel frowned “in Paradise.” He flexed his hands looking at the claws. “I was myself this time instead of watching me.” Dawn nodded and knelt in front of Gabriel gently taking his hands he squeezed lightly.

“What’s with the face?” he asked as Gabriel stared at their intertwined hands.

“I had hands” Gabriel said “normal hands.”


The End

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