Problems EverywhereMature

Gabriel felt a little shivery a dull ache in his head throbbed as he walked down to the throne room with Lou and Dawn.

“Gabriel?” Lou said as they reached the door.

“I'm fine.” The vampyre growled.



Rega broke into a large grin as he spotted Gabriel and Dawn.

“Hey.” Gabriel said as Rega planted a paw on his shoulder the vampyre winced as he was pulled into a tight hug.

“Rega,” Lou said quietly “be careful.”

“You’re hurt.” Rega growled sniffing Gabriel's shoulder.

“I'm alright.” Gabriel frowned seeing Morgan and Chrys at the side of the hall, not joining in with the reunions. Rega had started to undo the vampyres shirt and Gabriel stepped back growling. “Don’t.” he snapped the tigers green eyes flashed.

“Fine,” he purred “but I'm looking later whether you like it or not.” Gabriel waved a dismissive hand as he crossed the room to his children.

“What’s up?” he asked sitting down beside Morgan.

“Lou's scouts came back today.” She sighed. “There has been one sighting of Lewis but nothing since.”

“Allegra was probably with him.” Gabriel said Morgan sighed again but nodded slightly.


Allegra raised her hands but the daemon just smiled as her magick bounced away from him, the two thugs didn’t notice anything as they moved forward.  

“A Halloween mask?” the daemon said laughing lightly Allegra stopped recognizing the voice as a pair of black feathered wings unfolded from his back. The thugs faltered slightly.

“Are they meant to be real?” one of them sneered.

“I do not really give a damn what you think.” The daemon said he flicked his hand casually and the two men flailed as they lifted from the floor flying back into a pile of stinking rubbish sacks.  They scrambled up and ran as the daemon bent down. “Lewis?” he frowned his features shifted.

“Amarantine?” Allegra said disbelievingly climbing out form Lewis’ hood.

“Hello,” Amarantine smiled then he looked down at the vampyre. “Oh dear, let us get somewhere a little more private” he looked up. “And preferably, a little warmer.” He gripped the vampyres arms and pulled him up, Lewis groaned. “Has he fed?”

“yesterday.” Allegra nodded. Amarantine set Lewis down on his feet cautiously letting him take his own weight. Lewis stumbled into Amarantine’s arms.

“Okay,” Amarantine said “we will catch a cab.”

The End

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