Dawn's Beginnings (or for the fear of a sharp pointy stick)Mature

“You know about my tail.” He said Gabriel nodded.

“Only recently though.”

“You did know in Paradise.” Dawn smiled as he looked at the vampyre, this close he could see flecks of silver and almost violet in the blue eyes. “Okay,” he said “a small history lesson” Dawn sighed looking away. “When Lou was exiled, I was about four.” Dawn lit a cigarette. “My mother was a daemon, don’t ask me who I don’t know.”

“Cant Lou tell you?” Gabriel frowned Dawn shook his head.

“He doesn’t remember.” Dawn said “but I had dark wings and a tail, from her.” Gabriel frowned suddenly. “What?”

“You were an orphan,” he said as something tugged at his memory.

“Yes,” Dawn said quietly “my name was stripped and I was allocated a number, my tail was seen as a demonic trait and it was removed.” Gabriel lit his own cigarette unsure of what to say. “it grew back and each time they took it off again in the end they tried to sever the nerves and while the cuts were open it worked once they healed it grew back.” Dawn looked up at the ceiling Gabriel saw the shadow fall over his eyes as he remembered.

“Dawn?” he said quietly the daemon looked at him and smiled gently.

“When I was old enough I left, having not been adopted by anyone. I joined the army but my papers had my number on and the others didn’t like it.”

“They pushed you out?”

“I never got in” Dawn said “on the day I was supposed to join, the others found me first and you picked me out of a bloody puddle and cleaned me up. The next day I had a new name and a new home.”

“I saved you.” Gabriel muttered his mind fogging as he tried to remember.

“Don’t try and remember, sweetheart.” Dawn smiled “but now you know what they are.”

“I don’t think I wanted to know.” Gabriel said “I'm sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Dawn said standing up he began a fresh search for a shirt feeling strangely elated. As he moved towards the bathroom he heard Gabriel mutter something and he froze. “What?” he whispered turning back.

“2275.” Gabriel said staring blankly at the wall “I can’t call you that.”

“Gabriel?” Dawn moved and waved his hands in front of the vampyres face, but Gabriel didn’t flinch.

“I accept that you are orphan and technically it is not proper for you to be named but I want something I can shout easily if you annoy me, so pick a name.”

“Gabriel?” Dawn used a gentle hand to move Gabriel's head so the vampyre faced him.

“Gabriel, Dawn?” Lou's voice floated down the hall. “Come on everyone’s waiting.” The tall daemon stopped at Dawn's door. “Dawn?” he frowned.

“What do I do?” Dawn said Lou walked in to look at Gabriel.
“It’s alright.” He said seeing the glassy expression.

“Pick a name.” Gabriel said again.

“Reply.” Lou muttered.

“Dawn.” Dawn said quietly and Gabriel nodded slowly his eyes closing then he jumped as he saw Lou.

“I wish you wouldn’t just pop in like that.” He growled. “Use a door for once.” Lou laughed.

“I did, you just didn’t see me.” He smiled.

“Lou,” Dawn said still holding onto the vampyre who was shaking his head trying to clear the foggy mist that was clouding his mind. “Have you got a shirt I can borrow preferably one that’s quieter than Rossier?” Lou laughed even harder.


The End

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