Strangers and FriendsMature

Lewis sagged down against the wall landing on his knees.

“Allegra,” he slurred as she gripped his shoulder holding on tightly.

“one too many?” a voice sneered Lewis looked up blearily to see two hooded figures one held a shining blade in gloved fingers. The vampyre groaned as his head hit the floor with a crunch. The knife neared his face and Allegra moved to see them her magick rising as she lifted her tiny hands.

“I would not do that.” A voice said calmly. The two thugs turned and froze at the same time Allegra did the same. Lewis looked up his eyes unfocused as a tall figure strode towards them pulling his long coat off as he moved.

“What is that?” one of the thugs laughed their surprise gone.

“A Halloween mask.” The one with the knife scoffed Allegra moved back into Lewis’ hood her eyes on the daemon, his twisted features distorted more as he smiled deep grey skin stretched showing sharp, pointed teeth. His yellow eyes turned to Lewis the black slit pupils widened slightly.


Gabriel went back to his room to shower and change, before heading down too see their guests. As he walked out of his room he saw Dawn's door open. The daemon was rummaging in his bag muttering to himself. Gabriel watched drips of water from Dawn's hair run down back to the two deep scars at the base of his spine.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said, quietly knocking on the door, Dawn looked around and smiled.

“Hey, swee…” he paused “Gabriel” he corrected Gabriel smiled back as the daemon shook his head as water dripped down his face. “How does your hair not annoy you when its wet?” he grumbled.

“I'm used to it.” Gabriel shrugged Dawn looked at him carefully, his eyes taking in the casual blue jeans and black t-shirt.

“You can come in you know.” He said tearing his eyes away.

“thanks.” Gabriel said moving to sit on the messy, crimson bed. “aren’t you going down to see everyone?” he asked noting the scars again as Dawn abandoned his bag and began looking through his drawers.

“When I find a shirt or something that doesn’t look like a ragbag, yes.” Gabriel saw him throw a balled up shirt down the laundry chute at the end of the room.

“Borrow one of Lou's.” Gabriel suggested.

“I'm not into loud shirts.” Dawn said pulling a face, he straightened suddenly and turned to the vampyre. “Is there a reason you're staring at me?” he smiled.

“I was just thinking. Gabriel said Dawn's smile was sad now.

“You want to know where they came from.” Gabriel cocked his head and Dawn laughed. “You’ve not done that for years.”

“Shut up” Gabriel growled unable to help the small smile. “And only say if you want too.” Dawn sat down beside Gabriel laying a hand on the vampyres cheek.

“I don’t mind you knowing.” He said closing his eyes he paused.


The End

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