Going Wrong on EarthMature

Lewis wiped at the burn down his arm, sighing he sat back against the filthy wall of the house, he growled low in his chest as nausea washed over him. Standing up he wiped at the mucky windows trying to see out wondering when Allegra would get back. They had one coat between them and Lewis didn’t know as much about medicines as Allegra so the kelpie had gone instead.

He sat back down closing his eyes, it was amazing that they had even got out of the warehouse, using the back door that they had left open he'd managed to climb the wall of the yard behind it and cross the roofs of the buildings nearby.



Amarantine sat in the window of a small café, his dark eyes staring into the cold coffee in front of him. His neatly manicured fingers curled around the mug.


Lewis moved out of the boarded up house through the back door making sure he wasn’t seen as he slipped down a dim alley and pulled up his hood. Walking out into the street Allegra sat on his shoulder inside the hood, just beneath his ear, hidden by his dirty blond hair.

“Where to today?” he muttered.

“Try the beach,” Allegra said sure that they wouldn’t find a daemon that could help them. Lewis quickly strode around a corner heading down the sloping road to the seafront. “There must be someone.” Allegra sighed resting her tiny hand on the vampyres warm neck. She looked up seeing the tiny silver hoops in the ear above her. “What rank were you?” she asked suddenly, Lewis’ steps faltered slightly.

“Colour sergeant.” He muttered “in charge of a small part of the army, for two weeks.”

“Why two weeks?” Allegra frowned.

“I was fired,” Lewis said he shook his head slightly feeling light headed. “for being associated with Gabriel.”

“Oh,” Allegra stroked his neck feeling the shiver. Warm spring air made the vampyre uncomfortable, sweat dripped down between his wings that were hidden beneath the long coat. Allegra felt cold sweat break out on the vampyres neck. “Lewis?” she said quietly “are you feeling okay?”

“Hot” Lewis said

“Its not hot.” Allegra said “quickly go down there.” Lewis did as he was told heading down a quiet side street he saw a dark alley. He sagged against the wall sweat dripped down his face. “You’re ill.” Allegra said.

“I'm alright.” Lewis argued his breathing was ragged “just hot.”


Amarantine left a few coins beside his still full coffee and stood up he stumbled as his mind flashed an image in front of his eyes. And he moved quickly knocking a chair over as he ran.

“sorry.” He called back over his shoulder.  

The End

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