No News is Good NewsMature

Gabriel looked into the throne room his claws felt the axes at his waist and he sighed.

‘Tomorrow’ he thought as he felt the wound on his chest pull painfully.


The next day Rossier was up and about much to Gabriel's annoyance.

“Morning, sexy.” Rossier called as the vampyre came into the dining hall, he was dressed in loose clothing again his axes at his waist.

“Rossier,” Lou snapped “belt up.” Lou smiled at the vampyre. “Gabriel, are you planning on being attacked here?”

“I plan nothing,” Gabriel growled “it just happens.” He watched Veman bringing plates and bottles out to the table from a small side door. The night chef grinned at him as he put a black glass bottle down in front of the vampyre.


After breakfast Gabriel slipped away heading down to the throne room he unstrapped his axes and begun gentle, repetitive training moves.

Around an hour in he saw Dawn come in.

“Sorry,” the large daemon said.

“For?” Gabriel growled not stopping.

“I thought it was empty in here, I’ll find somewhere else.”

“its fine Dawn.” Gabriel said his breaths were even and his attention didn’t falter as he spoke.

“thanks.” Dawn smiled moving to the other end of the hall bringing his large broadsword out as he moved.


Morgan came in to see Dawn sat at the edge of the hall, wiping his face on his sleeve.

Gabriel was still going the axes moving constantly and sweat dripping down his face. Morgan moved cautiously around him walking to Dawn.

“Hi” the daemon smiled as she sat down his hair was damp and he used his fingers to comb it back.

“Hiya,” she said looking up at the ceiling and the huge mezzanine floor above them. Dawn frowned at her and followed her line of sight just as someone above vanished from view.

“Dawn,” Morgan said vaguely still looking up.

“What?” Dawn said a little concerned at her strange behaviour.

“Rega’s here,” Morgan looked down at him “and Danu”

“Oh,” Dawn smiled then faltered as Morgan sighed.  “don’t worry so much.” he said “Allegra's good at looking after herself.”

“I know.”

The End

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