Gabriel's Temper Reigned inMature

Gabriel awoke to someone knocking on the door.

“What?” he snapped trying to keep his eyes closed. It was Morgan who opened the door. Gabriel sat up his eyes felt heavy as he looked at her. “what is it?” he yawned lighting a cigarette.

“Breakfast.” She said sitting on the edge of the bed, Gabriel just looked at her. “don’t worry.” She said seeing the question before he said it.

“About?” Gabriel smiled

“There’s still no word on mum, Lewis or Amarantine.”

“There won’t be.” Gabriel said “from what Lou said and what I can gather from it, time here is speeding along and time on earth has barely changed.” Morgan thought about this for a moment then nodded slowly.

“That makes more sense, Lou was trying to draw diagrams and confusing everyone even more.”

“Is that all that’s worrying you?” Gabriel asked getting out of bed he stretched his wings.

“I'm worried about you.” She said quietly, Gabriel turned to look at her and she looked at the deep wound down his chest.

“I'm fine.” He growled pulling on a shirt, his cigarette held in his teeth as he did the buttons up.

“Can I say what I think without you getting angry?” Morgan worded her question carefully.

“Okay.” Gabriel said warily wondering what she thought.

“Well, I think what happened on the Midway with Aura has made you shut down.”

“I don’t understand.” Gabriel frowned.

“That.” Morgan said pointing to the now covered injury. “Has made you angry and defensive,” she paused “again.” Gabriel looked down thinking about her words then he looked up stopping the biting reply he watched her for a moment.

“Maybe,” he sighed “I don’t know.”

“At least talk to Dawn about it,” she smiled walking to him she stood on her toes to kiss his cheek, he smiled slightly still thinking about what she’d said. “Anyway, breakfast.” She said turning to leave.

“Morgan,” Gabriel said as she reached the door, she looked back. “Thanks” she grinned and bounded out of the room. Gabriel sighed and began to change into clean clothes, pulling on a baggy, black shirt and loose cotton trousers he strapped the two small axes to his waist. Then lighting another cigarette from the old one her left the room closing the door.


In the lower dining hall sat Lou, Dawn and Balthazar. Morgan arrived at the same time as her Father her hair damp and tied back her clothes changed.

Gabriel strode across the hall to the table, ignoring Dawn's brown eyes watching him he sat down.

“Looking good.” Dawn said quietly a small smile on his face, Gabriel bit back the irritated response.

“Thanks,” he managed Dawn froze in surprise then smiled widely.

“You’re welcome.” He sat back shaking his head in pleasant disbelief.


“So,” Lou stood as he saw all the others slowly drift in. “breakfast with everyone here.” 

The End

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