Gabriel walked slowly with Dawn as Lou led them back through the city going around a different way. The vampyre was in a foul mood as Lou happily pointed out different buildings and things to see. Gabriel didn’t look as Lou spoke and soon the daemon gave up, shrugging indifferently.


“I want to leave” Gabriel growled to Dawn later that day, he had been walking back and forth for around fifteen minutes and now he sat down.

“Gabriel,” Dawn said “we’re safe here.” He sighed as Gabriel stood and began to pace again.

“Are we?” Gabriel growled.

“We’re safe with Lou.” Dawn said firmly Gabriel stopped in front of him, his hands on his slim waist.

“You’ve changed your tune.” Gabriel snapped.

“I have because now we are safe I can see straight.” Dawn said looking at the vampyre “now I'm home.”

“Well I'm not home and I can see that something isn’t right.” Gabriel said “you stay if you want too but I'm leaving.”

“You don’t understand” Dawn smiled gripping the vampyre gently around the waist he pulled him onto his lap. “You never listen, do you?” he laughed.

“Dawn get off.” Gabriel growled “and I do listen.”

“Then you're aware that I’ll come with you if you leave.”

“Huh?” Gabriel grumbled trying to pry the strong fingers from his hips without hurting the daemon.

“I'm home with you.” Dawn said his voice muffled by Gabriel's neck. Gabriel gave up struggling as the small scratches on Dawn's fingers began to bleed but he didn’t let go.

“I'm not your home.” Gabriel growled Dawn straightened up quickly pushing the vampyre off him.

“I'm sorry.” Dawn said quickly as Gabriel stumbled, the daemons eyes closed.

“Are you alright?” Gabriel frowned he could hear the faint beat of Dawn's racing heart.

“Fine,” Dawn snapped, standing up he moved to the door and just before closing it he turned back. “You are my home,” he said quietly “I couldn’t live anywhere you're not.” He closed the door leaving the dumbstruck vampyre in silence.



A few hours later Gabriel looked down the dark corridor checking it was clear then hurried down to the next intersection.


Dawn jerked awake sweat dripped down his face as the remnants of the dream disappeared. He lit a cigarette and got up pulling on some jeans and a quick irritated search of the room found a clean t-shirt. He turned the handle on Gabriel's door and frowned at the made bed.

“Gabriel?” he called trying to keep his annoyance from his voice, he checked the shower room but the vampyre had gone.


Gabriel carefully pushed each tapestry as he passed, remembering that in Paradise a few of the ornate pieces concealed a secret way through the palace. The first one made him snatch back his hand as his claws almost tore through the fabric. He checked the corridor again and stepped quickly into the dark passageway.


Dawn shook Lou awake the large daemon groaned and cracked open one sleepy eye.

“Gabriel's missing.” Dawn hissed, Lou's eyes flew open as he sat up.

“He’s not in the shower?” Dawn shook his head.

“I checked and I've checked the throne room and asked Sylver and Deacon if they’ve seen him, they said they’ll look.” Lou swore loudly as he climbed out of bed, moving to the door.

“Lou,” Dawn said not moving, Lou turned to look at him. “It’s not that urgent.”

“He’s missing, anything could happen.”

“True but we have time enough for clothes.” Lou looked down.

“Oh,” he shrugged “I didn’t even think of that.”



The End

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