Lou's Telling OffMature

Lou led them through the corridors Dawn already knew the way and followed for something to do. At the front doors Lou turned to Gabriel.

“Stay close to me.” He said “they're a little restless today.” Gabriel shrugged and nodded. As they moved through the lamp lit streets he became more wary as he saw curtains twitch in the small houses and quick whispers hidden behind hands as daemons passed them.

Lou led them for about ten minutes before turning down a side street. There were no daemons here and only two lights lit the small road. “Gabriel,” Lou smiled as they came to a door. “There is someone I want you to meet.”


Inside the little building Gabriel looked around and quickly realized that he stood in an empty café. Behind the counter a large woman bustled around her back to them.

“Sit down, luvvies” she called “I’ll be right with you.”


Lou smiled and took a seat leaning on the back legs of the chair. Gabriel sat down so he could watch Lou and the woman and Dawn sighed seeing the vampyre was wary and sat beside him.

“Right.” The woman stood up turning to look at her customers and she froze. “Lou?” she muttered in disbelief then, if possible, her eyes grew even wider as she saw Dawn. “My god.” She whispered, Lou moved quickly as she stumbled her gripped her arm and led her to his chair.

“It’s alright, Sal” Lou smiled “deep breaths, you'll be fine.” Suddenly Sal frowned looking up at Lou.

“Well,” she growled “I can understand Dawn's absence, but where in the seven plains of Hell have you been?” she snapped pointing a red nailed finger at Lou who couldn’t help laughing at the daemons irritation.

“I've been away,” Lou said.

“Well, I didn’t think you'd popped to the shop.” Sal growled standing up her faintness gone. “Right, coffee and then you're telling me what is going on.” She ordered Lou looked a little worried as he nodded a small smile on his face. 

The End

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