Time on Our Side (for once)Mature

Gabriel opened his eyes to see Dawn's hand holding a cigarette and Sylver sat beside the bed.

“morning.” Sylver smiled “well, afternoon actually.”

“What are you doing in here?” Gabriel asked sleepily.

“I wondered why you didn’t come down to breakfast.” Sylver shrugged “Dawn said you had a rough night.”

“Yeah, well” Gabriel growled as Dawn reluctantly let him go. “What if I did?”

“Nothing.” Sylver sighed.


Gabriel enjoyed another long shower the next day. He'd slept for most of the day before and all night. Dawn had stayed either sleeping or reading quietly. Gabriel stepped out of the bathroom dressed in clean loose fitting clothes. He carried his boots and a cloth and sat down on the floor, to clean the thick mud from his boots. Dawn came back into the bedroom with a coffee and smiled at the vampyre who didn’t look up from his work. The daemon sat down beside the unlit hearth his dark eyes watching Gabriel. Dawn winced slightly and Gabriel heard him hiss.

“Are you alright?” he said looking up.

“Fine, fine.” Dawn waved a dismissive hand and looked into the empty fireplace. “Just a little tired still.” Dawn said sitting back he rested his coffee on the arm of the chair. Gabriel nodded going back to his work, even after two days of rest his own body still ached although his mind was active. Automatically he had been running over practise moves with his hand axes wishing he could find the energy to get some decent practise in, but his stiff and tired muscles and the still lightly bleeding chest wound made him think twice.

Someone knocked softly on the door.

“C’min” Gabriel muttered around the butt of a cigarette.

“Morning boys.” Lou said cheerfully. “How are you both?” Gabriel just grunted as he concentrated on removing the mud from his boots.

“Not bad.” Dawn said.

“good.” Lou said perching on the edge of Gabriel's bed. “I seem to be showing everyone around and wondered if you wanted a tour.”

“Why?” Gabriel looked up “we should be getting ready for war not having tours of Hell.” Lou just smiled at him.
“Not at all,” he said “Leonard is dealing with the recruits, but we have time.”

“No we don’t,” Gabriel growled “mother won’t wait.” Lou put his hands up as Gabriel's voice rose.

“Please, Gabriel, don’t start shouting at me again.” Lou said “the time here runs faster than all the other plains, so we have been here for three days. Around an hour would have passed in Paradise.” Gabriel frowned at him. “Aura has to get her armies ready, and recover from the nice wounds you gave her and I basically drained her magick. She has to recover before even thinking of attacking, she's not that stupid.” Lou stood. “We are safe for a while.” Gabriel paused and thought about this for a moment.

“Safe,” he mouthed as if he could taste the word. Then he nodded slowly. “Okay,” he said “so what joys are there for a tourist in Hell?”  


The End

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