Gabriel could hear a low pounding he opened his tired eyes to see thick trees surrounding a large clearing the smell of smoke and fire assaulted his senses. People milled around him taking no notice as he stood warily seeing daemons and vampyres drinking and dancing. An enormous bonfire blazed at the centre of the clearing. He frowned as the sound of drums grew louder pounding in his mind as he moved through the groups, looking for someone or something he recognized.

People automatically moved out of his way not even looking at him. Managing to avoid the heat of the raging inferno in the middle of what he assumed was a party, he got through to the other side people crowded around looking at something near the trees. The vampyre shook his head as the beat got louder making his head hurt. He tapped a tall daemons shoulder.

“Excuse me?” he said loudly “Where am I?” but the daemon didn’t respond instead he stepped aside waving the vampyre forward. Gabriel took one step and the next daemon moved too, and the next. Five daemons had moved when Gabriel reached the centre he breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Dawn sat serenely on the leafy ground, his legs crossed and his eyes closed. “Dawn?” Gabriel called the daemon looked up and grinned widely, standing up he held out his arms. Gabriel felt himself move forward his mind didn’t seem to be connected to his limbs as Dawn's arms enfolded him. The pounding drum was deafening blocking out the sound of the crowd and Gabriel groaned.

“Gabriel,” Dawn whispered his voice audible over the thunderous beat.

“Where are we?” Gabriel shouted he looked up and saw Dawn smile.

“We’re were we want to be.” Dawn said the daemon bent down and kissed his forehead. “Here I can give you the world.”

“What world?” Gabriel frowned Dawn laughed loudly and let Gabriel go, the vampyre spun around as the crowd vanished leaving them alone. Gabriel turned as the drum beat lessened Dawn was walking away he stopped near the fire and turned back to Gabriel.

“Eyes open.” He said suddenly his face was sad.

“What?” Gabriel asked moving towards him.

“Be careful,” he Dawn smiled “eyes open” he stepped back and flames curled around his legs.

“Dawn,” Gabriel ran forward but a pair of arms caught him as the flames licked over Dawn's shoulders, “let go.” Gabriel snapped as he looked up into a pair of dark brown eyes.


Dawn held Gabriel tightly as the vampyre struggled in his dreams.

“Gabriel wake up.” He said for what felt the hundredth time, the vampyres head rested on his chest his claws digging painfully into the daemons stomach. “Come on sweetie.” Dawn pleaded he looked up as the door opened slowly.

“Gabriel?” Lou said quietly.

“Lou,” Dawn called Lou hurried in closing the door.

“What’s happening?” Lou asked Gabriel's eyes snapped open and for a split second he froze feeling the arms around him, then he panicked trying to push Dawn away.

“Gabriel,” Dawn said firmly “it’s me and your claws are sharp.” The vampyres half asleep mind took a moment to process the words then he stopped his breaths coming hard and fast.

“Dawn?” he breathed.

“Yes,” Dawn held Gabriel tightly.

“Are you okay?” Lou asked.

“I'm fine.” Gabriel snapped as embarrassment quickly replaced his fear and anger, he growled as Dawn shifted his arms slightly.

“Shhh” Dawn muttered Gabriel felt exhaustion wash over him and against his better judgement he settled his head back on Dawn's chest hearing the quick beat of the daemons heart. “You scared me.” Dawn smiled down at him.

“Not as much as you did.” Gabriel muttered.

“What?” Dawn frowned.


“What was your dream about?” Lou asked Gabriel looked up seeing the dark brown eyes. Dawn's warning came back to him.

‘Eyes open, be careful.”

“It doesn't matter.” He said he watched Lou as long as his body would let him stay awake, if the daemon noticed he said nothing. 

The End

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