No Sleep in a Strange PlaceMature

Gabriel was glad to be alone for a little while and he stripped his muddy clothes off an the way to the shower room. The shower room was large and Gabriel smiled as the hot water washed away the dirt and mud of the last few weeks.

An hour later he stepped out feeling wonderfully clean. He rebraided his hair and fell into bed not even bothering to dress.


Dawn sat down on the bed dumping his bag down, he pulled his boots off and haphazardly dropped them then he sighed as he rubbed his ankle his fingers heating up as he touched the band of red magick around his leg.


Gabriel growled and sat up lighting a cigarette, his exhausted body protested as he stood up and looked down at the wound on his chest. It was bleeding again and he ran his hand over his still damp hair. Then holding his cigarette in his front teeth he got dressed, not worrying about pulling on his muddy boots he opened his door and peered out into the shadowy corridor. He frowned seeing Dawn's door was open but a quick look told him that the daemon was gone. Gabriel shrugged and slowly padded down the corridor his bare feet silent on the thick rugs and wooden boards.

He moved through dark halls and passageways not making a sound as he looked in empty rooms and quarters to see if he could find anyone or anything of interest. He paused looking behind him the long corridor was empty he took another step onto a thick rug and heard a clear step behind him.

“I know you're there.” He hissed his voice sounding loud in the silent darkness.

“So do I.” a voice replied.

The End

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