Rooms and Sylver's ProblemMature

Lou led the group from the throne room and up five winding flights of stairs to a long corridor, closed doors lined each side with one at the far end.

“Okay,” Lou said turning to face them “these rooms are yours and are now a permanent feature.”

“Huh?” Gabriel frowned Lou looked at him and smiled.

“All of you are welcome to come and go as you please, but these rooms are here for you whenever you want them. Better?” he asked Gabriel the vampyre nodded.

“Okay a few of you I don’t know too well so come and find me with any ideas.” Lou said Gabriel pulled a face as Lou opened the first door.” Morgan, this is yours, I understand that certain events in the future may call for some redecoration.” Gabriel blinked a few times as his eyes were assaulted by at least five different shades of purple. Even the bed was a shocking violet. Morgan grinned widely.
“I love it” she cried.



A few doors down and Maxwell had a room with a music theme and Daryll's was a dark theatre the audience silhouettes were painted onto the walls. They came to Raoul's room.

“Now,” Lou said “I'm afraid I don’t know what you like.” the room behind the door was plain magnolia with a simple bed.

“I like green,” Raoul said tiredly.

“We can go over it tomorrow.” Lou smiled.

“Okay,” Raoul yawned “it has the main thing I want for now.” He said looking at the bed.

“There is a laundry chute at the back.” Lou pointed.


Sylver's room was lines with empty bookshelves.

“I didn’t know your interests.” Lou said “so take any books you want from my library downstairs.” Sylver didn’t speak for a moment as he looked at the room, then he turned to Lou.

“Thank you.” He muttered “it’s wonderful.”

“But…” Lou frowned Sylver glanced at Deacon and then growled slightly as Lou laughed. “Look there.” He said pointing between two of the bookshelves, Sylver saw a door. “Deacon’s room is next door, I'm not stupid.” None of the others were even slightly surprised as Deacon grinned and wrapped his arm around Sylver's waist pulling him close.

“Thanks” he said gratefully.


As the other all settled in their own rooms Lou, Dawn, Gabriel and Tairas were left.

“Well,” Lou said “these two are for Lewis and Allegra, for when they get here.” He looked at Tairas “this is yours.” The quiet vampyre inclined his head in thanks. The little room was almost bare aside from a lavish bed and two chairs with a chess table between them.

“goodnight.” Tairas said closing the door.

“Dawn, Gabriel you'll both understand my need to sleep.” Lou said his limbs felt heavy his eyes stung in the light, he suppressed a yawn as he opened the two doors opposite each other. Dawn's room was red his four-poster bed was a deep crimson and he smiled.

“Thanks” he muttered.

“Gabriel I don’t know what you like apart from training” Lou said “I don’t know what your hobbies are but you have a shower room.” Gabriel smiled gratefully.

“Just what I wanted” he said “thanks Lou.” The daemon smiled back.

“I hope this partly makes up for some of what's gone wrong.” Lou said “I know I've made a few mistakes so far but hopefully I can sort them out.”


Lou vanished into his own room and Dawn watched Gabriel for a moment.

“Goodnight.” He said quietly.

“Night Dawn.” Gabriel closed his door leaving Dawn alone. 

The End

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