Gabriel's injury was longer than Lou had expected, slicing into the old wound across the vampyres shoulder. It ran down his chest finishing abruptly at his waist.

“What were you wearing?” Lou asked as he wiped the blood away gently.

“Just trousers.” Gabriel winced as Lou pressed down. “And a shirt.”

“A belt?”

“Dawn gave me one in Holehallow.” Gabriel said looking down at what Lou was doing, he saw the daemon nod.

“Luckily for you, the whip had slowed enough for the leather to stop it completely.” Lou stood up and carefully checked Gabriel's collarbone. “Not broken, you'll live. Dawn help him keep it clean, these bleed a lot.”

“I can do it myself.” Gabriel growled doing his shirt back up.

“I know you can.” Lou smiled “but at least I’ll know there's no problems if Dawn sees it every now and again.” he tipped the vampyres head to the side holding his chin firmly, looking closely at the thin slice down his cheek. “You’re lucky with this one too, any higher you could have lost an eye, I don’t know if you'll grow that back.” Lou smiled and patted the vampyres other cheek, then a wide grin spread over his face. “You were very good Gabriel, would you like a lolly?”

“Huh?” the vampyre frowned as Dawn stifled a snigger.

“You get a lolly for being a good boy.” Lou said Dawn stood and walked away trying not to laugh at the outrage on the vampyres face.

Rossier paled as he saw Lou lead in a large matron.

“Rossier this is Cathy,” Lou smiled “she’ll take care of you.” The large woman didn’t speak as she gripped Rossier wrist checking his pulse.

“Sire,” Rossier hissed as Lou moved away.

“Come on boys,” Lou smiled “let me show you to your rooms.”

“Sire.” Rossier growled urgently. “Lou.” But Lou grinned ignoring the daemon knowing he'd be alright. Gabriel waved at Rossier as he and Dawn followed Lou out of the room. 

The End

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