Dawn stood waiting impatiently his hands on his hips.

“Where are they?” he snapped at Lou who lounged against the wall.

“Dawn, you have asked me that every hour for the last few days” he sighed “and for the last few days I've had the same answer, I don’t know.”

“Fine,” Dawn growled “I'm going to get him.” he took a step forward and landed on his back as Sylver and Maxwell crashed into him. Balthazar and Rossier came next and Gabriel landed beside the daemon groaning loudly.

Lou moved quickly seeming to grab the smoky swirl at the end, it unravelled travelling up his arm and vanishing.

Dawn moved bracing a hand either side of the vampyre.

“Where have you been?” he growled Gabriel looked up at him his eyes wide.

“Dawn, get off.”

“No,” Dawn growled awkwardly he wrapped his arms around the vampyre holding him tightly. Gabriel grunted in pain as Dawn's shoulder dug into his wounded chest pain made stars explode in front of his eyes.

“Dawn,” he choked the daemon sat up and pulled the vampyre to his feet hugging him again a little more gently this time.

“Sire,” Balthazar said quietly. Lou was bent over Rossier, Dawn let Gabriel go as he saw the bloody daemon. Rossier's eyes were open and blood from his forehead ran into them making him blink. Lou gently pushed the daemons blood soaked hair away from his face.

“Lou,” Rossier managed as blood leaked from the corners of his mouth. Dawn moved quickly grabbing Balthazar's hand and leading the large daemon away. Gabriel looked at Sylver.
“Will he be okay?” Maxwell asked quietly, Sylver shrugged sadly as Lou lifted Rossier from the floor and vanished.


“Gabriel” a voice cried Morgan and Chrys ran in followed closely by Tairas and Daryll. Berith, Deacon, Malachi and Van Hay came in a little more sedately.

“What happened?” Berith asked seeing the blood smeared over the wooden floor. Gabriel fought to see through Morgan's hair as she hugged him tightly.    


Gabriel was quiet as Sylver explained what had happened as quickly as possible. Dawn sighed as Berith came in wiping her hands on a towel, she carried a large dressing gown over her shoulder.

“How is he?” Morgan asked as Berith handed the gown to Balthazar. She didn’t answer instead moving to Dawn.

“Lou wants you.” She said quietly Dawn nodded as Berith moved back to Balthazar who was pulling on the gown. “it looks worse than it is, don’t worry.” Balthazar sighed and nodded.

“I thought you two didn’t get on.” Van Hay said casually.

“We don’t much,” the large daemon said “but kicking the shit out of him is my job.” Berith winced suddenly.

“No need to shout.” She growled looking at Gabriel.

“Huh?” he frowned.
“Lou wants to see you too,” she said “and tell him to stop shouting in peoples heads its rude.” 

The End

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