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Gabriel saw a flash of fire down the tunnel to the back door and he brought his hands up feeling for his magick. Beside him Sylver did the same, Rossier grinned at the twins and his skin shimmered turning a deep blue as he grew.

“Show off.” Balthazar grinned as his own skin began to darken.

Lightning struck the first daemon in the chest killing him instantly he flew backwards into the tunnel knocking the others back. Balthazar snarled his own form growing his limbs stretching. His skin was a lighter blue than his brothers and both daemons strode forward as the daemons began to pour from the tunnels.


Dawn jumped as the door opened,

“Sorry sires.” A young daemon, who looked no older than fourteen or fifteen to Dawn, came in bowing his head.

“It’s alright, Mol” Lou said distractedly. “Come in.” the young daemon moved forward his eyes kept flicking to look at Dawn.

“The rooms are almost ready sire.” The boy said.

“What rooms?” Dawn asked.

“Your rooms my lord.”

“I am not your lord.” Dawn growled
“Moloch is always respectful.” Lou said as he lay out a needle and thread and a few other things on a tray nearby.

“whatever.” Dawn grumbled.

“Make sure everything is right.” Lou said.

“Yes, sire.” Moloch inclined his head. “And the wolves?”

“Find some food for them please, they can stay in the upper hall.”


Gabriel and Sylver picked off the stragglers as Rossier and Balthazar's huge hands brushed swathes of them aside to smash into the rocks.

“Gabriel,” Maxwell hurried up behind his brother “they're almost through, come on.” Gabriel nodded and moved slightly forward.

“Rossier,” he shouted, “Balthazar time to go.” Both of the huge daemons nodded. Balthazar backed up first Rossier took one more swipe as the daemons got through to his legs. He stepped back as a knife was stuck in the bridge of his foot. Gabriel grabbed Sylver pushing him aside as the huge daemon fell. Rossier howled as the daemons swarmed over him claws and blades slicing into his dark flesh. Rossier's daemon form began to shrink, Balthazar's roar of fury filled the cavern as he thundered forward again.

“Maxwell,” Gabriel shouted “go.” But the brown haired vampyre had stepped forward he put his hands together as if in prayer then bracing himself he snapped his palms forward. A shockwave sent rock and stones flying houses and boulders exploded around them throwing the daemons back. Balthazar barely felt it as he shielded Rossier he bent down and lifted his brother gently kicking out at any remaining daemons. Gabriel shoved Maxwell and Sylver into the little cavern as Balthazar stumbled after them his own form shrinking he wrapped both arms around Rossier and Gabriel ushered them through before following as a new wave of daemons poured into the cavern.



The End

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