Heart to HeartMature

Zanza moved through the groups of wolves making sure they were all okay. Dawn watched her, his face sad, someone tugged on his sleeve.

“Come on, sire.” Van Hay said gently “time to go.”


Gabriel, Sylver, Balthazar and Rossier spread out around the last of the wolves in line.

“hey.” Sylver said to a young auburn furred wolf.

“Me?” he asked Sylver nodded.

“Where are the entrances to Bain?” Sylver asked gently noting the wolf was nervous.

“Well,” the wolf growled thoughtfully. “There are the upper caves and the back door. There's apparently a side entrance too.”

“Where?” Rossier asked.

“I don’t know, we never found it but Raziel and Caleb used to use it to get in and out without being noticed.”


Dawn closed his eyes as he hesitantly stepped into the swirling red teleport with Van Hay. The familiar feeling of being squeezed down a tube took his breath away as his shoulder protested painfully.

“Dawn?” a gentle voice said he opened his eyes to see Lou stood in front of him and he frowned.

“When did you change your clothes?” he asked.

“yesterday.” Lou smiled “time runs faster here, remember?” Dawn sighed and nodded.

“I remember.” He looked around at the large throne room so similar to his own back in the Underworld.

“Is everything alright?” Lou asked

“I don’t know.” Dawn said turning away from the wolves as they came through the teleport, Berith and deacon moved them to the far end of the hall to give the next group room.

“Come on” Lou said steering Dawn from the room.


In the lower halls of the palace was a medical room, Lou helped Dawn to take his shirt off. Unwrapping the bandage around Dawn's shoulder and arm he looked at the neat stitching.

“Berith didn’t do badly.” Lou smiled, “this’ll be fine.” Dawn nodded. “Now,” Lou smiled as he wrapped a clean bandage around the wound. “What’s going on?”

“Take a guess.” Dawn laughed bitterly.

“Gabriel” Lou said knowingly Dawn nodded again. “He’s closing down again.”

“Yeah,” Dawn said dully as Lou lifted his arm back into the sling.

“Dawn you know that’s just what he does.”

“I thought I was getting through to him.” Dawn said lighting a cigarette he crushed the empty packet and threw it at the wastepaper bin missing it completely. “You know, I was near him and he didn’t mind.”

“Maybe that’s the problem, maybe he noticed and has backed off.” Lou said picking up the screwed up packet and putting it in the bin. “Give him a chance.” Dawn knew he should be patient but he felt that he was fighting a losing battle. He nodded despite his feelings.

“Are you agreeing for the sake of agreeing?” Lou frowned as he washed his hands.

“yes.” Dawn sighed “this just feels weird that’s all.”

“Weird?” Lou smiled “what's weird?”

“I can talk to anyone about Gabriel but its odd talking to you about it.”


“Because you're my dad.” Dawn laughed “you shouldn’t hear about my relationships it’s just weird.” Lou laughed.

The End

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