Hold Ups and Short WordsMature

Lou was pale again, he was sitting beside a swirling red creation, heat poured from it into the little chamber. Dawn ushered Gabriel forward to join the others, Zanza stood beside Lou.

“What’s with the heat?” Sylver grumbled as a bead of sweat ran down the side of his face.

“It’s joined to Hell” Dawn said. A young looking wolf made a low growling sound by the entrance and Zanza moved pulling him away. Gabriel saw Chrys tilt his head as if he was listening to the low growls and snarls from the two wolves.

“What is it?” Gabriel asked Chrys held up a finger listening for a moment longer.

“trouble.” He muttered lowering his hand. Zanza quickly returned to Lou urgently whispering in his ear. The daemon tried not to shudder as her fur tickled his ear instead he nodded.

“Does anyone have any firepower?” Lou asked loudly, Dawn gripped Gabriel's arm with his good hand.

“Yes,” Sylver said.

“Gabriel,” Dawn hissed as the vampyre pulled away from him but the vampyre ignored him.

“I do.” He said.

“Anyone else?” Lou asked Rossier and Balthazar both stepped forward.  ”okay.” Lou stood slowly his balance a little off. “Defence only, we need to get the wolves through the teleport.” The group all started talking at once.

“quiet.” A voice yelled Gabriel and the others all looked around in surprise. Everyone stopped as they saw Dawn, the daemons skin crawled with black lines.

“The daemons have reached the midway.” Lou said looking worriedly at his son. “we have to get everyone out. Berith and deacon please, come with me. Raoul, Malachi can you organize things at this end?” the two nodded.


Gabriel walked out into the main chamber of Bain as Lou Berith and deacon vanished through the teleport. Zanza began to organize the wolves into pairs or family units. Gabriel sighed, out of the corner of his eye he could see Dawn moving towards him.

“Gabriel,” the daemon said quietly.

“Dawn go through, I’ll be there soon.”

“You’re hurt.” Dawn growled.

“So?” Gabriel snapped “I've fought with worse than this, I’ll be fine.”

“Whatever,” Dawn said “when you get to Hell I want a word.”

“fine.” Gabriel moved away from the daemon and Dawn watched him for a moment longer before reluctantly returning to the teleport  

The End

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