Magick and MoodsMature

Gabriel lay back trying to relax as Dawn slept soundly beside him. He sat up suddenly as magick drifted into the room. Lou came in tendrils of red fire curled around him as he moved to Dawn who woke slowly.

“How are you?” Lou asked taking Dawn's hand.

“Tired” Dawn winced as the magick ran up his arm and after a moment he snatched his hand away. Lou turned and looked at Gabriel who watched him warily, the daemon smiled and held out a hand.

“What?” Gabriel growled.

“I can top up your magick.” Lou said “I have some spare.”

“No,” Gabriel said “I'm fine.”

“Fair enough.” Lou said “but can someone take some before I explode?”

“Lou,” Sylver said standing he moved to the daemon a hand held out, Lou smiled.


The smile soon dropped as Sylver still held his hand after five minutes.

“How much can you take?” Lou frowned

“No idea.” Sylver smiled the magick was warm and made him feel sleepy. Lou was the one to pull back as the fiery tendrils vanished. He looked curiously at Sylver slightly worried although he didn’t say.

“So,” drawled Rossier “now where?”

“home.” Lou said “I need somewhere quiet, private and safe to set up a teleport.”


Zanza showed Lou through the tunnels as the others slowly began to pack up ready to leave in the morning. Gabriel moved slowly pushing clothes into his bag. Beside him Dawn growled as he tried to pack his bag one handed. It was Rossier who came over to help. Dawn sighed and sat back letting the loud daemon help. Dawn felt his gaze drift to Gabriel watching the lithe vampyre move.


Both Dawn and Rossier looked up as Gabriel hissed and swore under his breath.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said starting to move.

“Don’t.” the vampyre growled Dawn stood with Rossier's help.

“You’re bleeding.” Rossier pointed out.

“You’re an asshole.” Gabriel snapped.

“What’s your point?” Rossier grinned.

“Exactly” Gabriel picked his bag up and moved away quickly leaving the hall.

“Huh?” Rossier frowned as the thought over the odd vampyres words.

“Don’t worry Rossier.” Dawn smiled sadly. “get yourself ready to go.” Rossier nodded slowly still confused.

“Yes, sire.” He muttered moving to his bed. 

The End

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