Clean UpMature

In Bain Gabriel watched Berith and Morgan fussing over Dawn and nodded to himself before heading to the spring. He knelt pulling his ruined shirt off he looked into the bubbling water. Sighing he used the torn shirt to clean the long wound that ran down his chest and stomach ending on his hip bone. He didn’t notice any pain as the actions automatically came to him. As he worked he thought about the countless times he'd had to do this before. Sighing again he wiped the small slice down his cheek.

“Gabriel?” a gentle voice behind him made the vampyre jump and turn to see Berith.

“Go away.” He muttered dully kneeling again Berith moved up beside him and carefully took the bloody shirt from his claws. There was no pity on her face as she rinsed it out turning the water a dark red. Gently she wiped the vampyres shoulder cleaning away any blood he'd missed. Gabriel turned his head away closing his eyes.

“Are you embarrassed about me doing this?”  She asked as she worked.

“No,” he muttered “I'm just used to doing it myself.”

“You cleaned all of these up yourself?” she asked as her eyes travelled over his chest.

“yes.” He said she nodded not knowing how to react. “How’s Dawn?”

“He’s alright.” Berith smiled “Sylver and Rossier put him in a good mood by setting his collarbone and stitching him up. He’ll be in a sling for a while.” She rinsed the cloth again. “He’s worried about you.”

“He always is.”

“You know,” she said carefully cleaning the edges of the cut as blood continued to build inside it. “When I first met Dawn, he'd just fallen, he didn’t remember anything even his name.” Gabriel knew this already.

“How did he remember?” Gabriel winced as the cloth caught.

“Sorry.” Berith said “it came back on its own, slowly, mind you, but it happened that’s the reason he draws. It’s a way of keeping his memories in order.” She rinsed the cloth again and shook her head. “This needs stitches.”

“No” Gabriel growled “no stitches.”

“Surely a few stitches wont bother you.” Berith smiled “it'll only keep bleeding.”

“I know.” He said standing suddenly.

“Then let me…”

“no.” he snapped “they tear.” He turned and twisting he pointed to a scar at the base of his spine, Berith saw the ragged edges of this one were different to the others and she nodded.


Gabriel paused at the entrance to the main cavern he took a breath and walked out. A few of the wolves took notice of the still bleeding wound he reached the doors of the hall before someone stopped him.

Zanza put a paw on his uninjured shoulder,

“What happened?” she asked concerned.

“Just a fight.”

“Can I help?”

“No, thank you.” Gabriel said


Dawn looked up in surprise as Gabriel strode into the hall bare chested with Berith following him, a few eyes turned to watch the vampyre as he moved.

“Hi,” Dawn said ignoring the little voice of jealousy. Gabriel sat down and pulling his bag into his lap began to search through it.

“Hey,” the vampyre said shortly, not looking up. Dawn moved his still mobile hand to rest on Gabriel's knee. Gabriel paused then looked up slowly, the daemon in front of his was pale and looked exhausted, but Dawn still managed a smile. Gabriel looked at him for a moment longer then continues his search for a clean shirt ignoring the hand that still rested on his leg.


The End

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