Plan Gone Wrong Gone RightMature

Sylver and Balthazar's magick flew at the soldiers, Lou shielded Dawn and Berith his weakened magick deterring more than injuring them.


Gabriel glared defiantly up at Aura, Dawn rammed into the side of her. The whip flew from her hand as she landed heavily. Dawn landed on his knees as invisible ties wrapped around his throat. Aura screamed in fury as two hands clamped around the sides of her head Lou grinned maniacally as the ties vanished from Gabriel and Dawn.

The vampyre coughed, blood spraying up from his mouth. Dawn painfully crawled to him.

Lou's skin crawled with black lines as Aura tore away from him her breaths ragged. She flung out her hands and Lou laughed as his body began to stretch she shrieked incoherently as her magick refused to work. Lou reached a clawed hand out to her and she snarled and vanished leaving the dead or injured soldiers behind.


Berith lurched forward to Dawn throwing the small bag she carried to the floor. Behind her Lou shrunk down as Balthazar and Sylver hurried over.

“Gabriel,” Dawn whispered his eyes closed as his vision began to swim. Balthazar bent down and with no obvious effort he lifted Dawn into his arms, the bleeding daemon groaned as his shoulder crunched loudly.

“Take it easy,” Sylver said helping Gabriel to sit up.

“Get off.” Gabriel snarled pulling himself to his feet. Berith moved to Lou as he picked up the discarded bag and pulled on a pair of jeans and a shirt. He looked at his hands and grinned.

“It worked.” He laughed looking up he saw Gabriel watching him.

“You planned this.” he snapped.

“I didn’t plan for you to get involved.” Lou said “but thanks anyway.”

“Thanks?” Gabriel smiled suddenly as Lou moved towards Dawn. The daemon staggered as Gabriel fist crashed into the side of his face, the solid claws cracked Lou's cheekbone.

“Gabriel,” Dawn called softly as Sylver steadied his twin. “Enough.”

“Actually,” Sylver growled “I'm agreeing with Gabriel right now.” Lou held his throbbing cheek. “What the Hell were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that if I could get close enough to her, it puts her out of action and gets enough magick to get us home.” Lou said standing straight “you're welcome.” The daemon turned and vanished in a flash. Berith sighed and turned to Gabriel she put her hand up but he moved quickly.

"Don't" Gabriel said tersely. “just look after Dawn.”

The End

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