The First AttackMature

“Dawn,” Gabriel hissed as they ran towards the group “don’t let her get her magick built up.” His blue eyes were fixed on his mother.


Lou wriggled slightly, cold earth surrounded his limbs and Berith held him tightly her magick allowing them to stay under the ground.

“Sire,” she growled “I can’t stay much longer.” Her magick was low Lou tried to nod but the soil held him still.

“Alright.” He said ignoring the strange feeling of the mud that pressed at his back and sides.


Aura shouted her anger as Gabriel cannoned into her knocking her backwards. Dawn's red fire caught the soldiers who moved to help their mistress. He froze suddenly as Lou and Berith rose from the ground nearby, Dawn's father stared at his son in surprise.

“Dawn,” Gabriel shouted as an axe blade crashed into the daemons shoulder. Gabriel's claws tore into Aura's arms as his magick smashed through her shields.


Gabriel was looking at the sky his ears ringing, Aura's magick wrapped around him as she strode forward her arms dripping blood.

“How dare you attack me?” She spat as she stood over him he felt the ties around him tighten pinning his arms to his sides, her hand rose holding her whip Gabriel heard the snap it made before he felt the searing burn across his cheek. It ran like fire down his chest and stomach and she raised her arm again.


The End

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