A Scout PartyMature

Gabriel shivered as they moved down the tunnel Dawn bit back a pained yelp as the vampyre grabbed his arm pulling on the bite wound.

“What?” Dawn asked

“Cant you feel that?” Gabriel asked Balthazar and Sylver had stopped behind them.

They moved slowly onto the ledge and looked over Gabriel's blue eyes scanned the ground looking for the source of magick he could feel. Sylver shuddered at the power that rose from somewhere nearby Balthazar rested a hand on his shoulder looking at the vampyre in question.

A flash nearby made them jump Gabriel's eyes narrowed and he pulled Dawn and Sylver back. Balthazar moved into the mouth of the tunnel. A group of armoured angels strode across the burnt ground below.

“Scouts?” Sylver frowned Gabriel shook his head.

“it looks like it,” he said “but their colours are wrong.”

“What are they?” Balthazar asked then they all felt it, magick, more powerful than the little spikes they’d felt before pulsed over them.

“At the back.” Sylver said pinpointing the source, “the small one.” Gabriel nodded.

“We can’t do anything now.” He whispered “back up.”

“wait.” Balthazar said he was looking in the opposite direction. “there.” He pointed to a small crowd of burnt trees, a few feet of blackened wood was all that was left. “That’s what they're here for.”

“Lou” Dawn breathed “he hasn’t got enough power for a fight.”

“Come on.” Gabriel said moving quickly he gripped the rocks beside the ledge.

“Gabriel,” Dawn hissed “we can’t.”

“You want to leave Lou down there?”

“Not really.” Dawn sighed moving to follow. “Balthazar, Sylver stay here”

“What?” Sylver muttered angrily “no way.”

“Be our backup your magick can reach them.” Sylver glared angrily at Dawn then turned to see the troupe had almost reached the trees.

“alright.” He raised his hands his still weakened magick building beside him Balthazar did the same.

The small soldier at the back of the group stopped as Gabriel and Dawn reached the bottom of the cliff. The rest of the troupe took a moment to realize before swiftly moving back.

The small soldier’s magick flared dissolving the disguise that shrouded her. Short brown hair melted into long silver locks her basic armour blazed revealing long silver robes.

The End

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