Rossier's Offer and Missing AgainMature

Dawn felt annoyed at the interruption as Berith led them out of Bain and into the tunnels. They found Lou sat outside on the ledge staring down over the burnt out land.

“Lou?” Berith said quietly the daemon looked up his brown eyes sad.

“hey.” He sighed then turning he spotted Gabriel and Dawn and turned back to the darkening sky

“You shouldn’t be out here.” Dawn said.

“I know,” Lou said standing up he turned to look at them his eyes fell on Gabriel for a long time and he sighed again. “I have an apology to make.” He said “Sylver explained”
“explained?” Gabriel growled.

“About what happened, the feeling you get. He said its probably similar to us and our daemon form when we’re angry.”

“I'm not angry at you,” Gabriel said “you were protecting Dawn.”

“You’re angry at someone” Lou said Gabriel looked away “yourself?” the vapyre didn’t answer.

“Let’s get inside and discuss this.” Berith said.


Lou stopped Berith just before they re-entered Bain Gabriel headed back to the hall where they were staying with Dawn following slowly.


The next morning Dawn groaned as his sore and aching shoulder woke him up.

“morning.” Gabriel said as Dawn sat up the vampyre was sat up leaning against the wall with a cigarette, burning away to itself, held in his claws, his blanket lay over his legs.

“You’re up already?” Dawn yawned looking at his watch “it’s five in the morning.”

“Is it?”
“you haven’t slept at all, have you?” Dawn wriggled so he was closer to the vampyre.

“I haven’t tried.” Gabriel said Dawn sat up running a soft hand over the vampyres wing, hearing a quiet growl he stopped pulling back.
“Sweetie?” Dawn said quietly.

“sorry.” Gabriel sighed “don’t mind me.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Not sure.” Gabriel looked at him Dawn noticed that his eyes were slightly bloodshot and he had dark shadows beneath them.

“Oh, sweetheart.” Dawn whispered “get some sleep, please?” Gabriel crushed his cigarette out and shifted his weight so he could lay down.

“I’ll try Dawn.”


The others began to wake slowly Dawn shushed them as they began to talk.

“Is he okay?” Rossier asked

“He’s fine.” Dawn said suspiciously.

“Sire,” Rossier smiled not his usual grin but a nice, small smile, “just because I'm a bastard it doesn’t make me an asshole.”

“Sorry, Rossier.” Dawn sighed as the others started to filter out of the hall.

“That’s okay.” Rossier sat down beside Dawn “I know you worry about him,” Dawn nodded wondering where the nice Rossier was hidden most of the time. “anything I can do?” Dawn shook his head and sighed.

“I don’t really know anymore,” he said.

“Dawn,” Sylver said only his head showed around the door “guess what?” Dawn growled knowing what the vampyre would say next.

“Lou's missing.” Rossier said in a bored tone.

“And Berith.” Sylver nodded.

“Great” Dawn snarled Gabriel jumped his eyes snapping open.

“What?” he growled.

“Go back to sleep.” Dawn sighed standing up.

“No chance now.” Gabriel said as adrenaline ran though him.

Dawn and the others all searched through the tunnels and caverns of Bain meeting back at the main tunnel entrance.

“We don’t need all of us to look outside.” Sylver said ducking into the tunnel, Gabriel Dawn and Balthazar followed.

The End

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