Getting Dressed in PeaceMature

Dawn moved away from Gabriel as he felt his heart begin to race and stripped quickly climbing into the cold pool he shivered. Gabriel took his own shirt off slowly looking at the little battery powered light that illuminated the cavern, then he sighed and with his cotton trousers still on he slid in to the pool opposite Dawn. The daemon laughed as Gabriel wriggled trying to get comfortable.

“Why don’t you take those off?” Dawn asked laying his head back against the stone rim of the pool. His magick slowly pulsed heating the water around them.

“Because.” Gabriel said as he tried to clean his mud stained hair.


Dawn watched Gabriel climb out of the now muddy pool he smiled as the vampyre moved pulling out clean clothes. The wet, black cotton stuck to Gabriel's slim, toned legs and Dawn growled to himself looking away.

“What?” Gabriel asked he could almost feel the daemons eyes on him.

“Nothing,” Dawn said casually.

“Then stop it,” Gabriel growled “I want to get changed.”

“Am I stopping you?” Dawn sniggered Gabriel raised thin eyebrows and Dawn rolled his eyes. “Fine I'm not looking” the daemon ducked his head under the water coming up a few moments later he shook water from his eyes and hair. Gabriel quickly stripped the wet trousers off and grimacing pulled on a thick pair of jeans. Dawn stood stretching as he ran his fingers back through his hair combing it back. “can I look now?” he said the amusement clear in his voice.

“whatever.” Gabriel growled as he rebraided his hair. Dawn turned and stepped out of the pool, even he shivered in the chilly cave air.

“So,” Dawn said casually “what now?”

“Get dressed.” Gabriel grumbled “I'm going to find a place to train.” He tugged on a shirt looking at the daemon as he felt the magick Dawn used to dry himself.

“We’re supposed to be saving our magick” Gabriel said

“Why?” Dawn frowned “because Lou said so?” he shrugged doing the button on his jeans up. “I don’t really care what he thinks, he can do one after we get out of here.”

“Dawn, he's your father.” Gabriel stopped and looked at the daemon in surprise.

“Because, like I said on Earth, he treats me like a child and I coped perfectly well without him for a long time.” Dawn said pulling a t-shirt over his head, “besides since he's been here everything is going wrong.”

“He was protecting you.” Gabriel said lighting a cigarette, for the first time in years his claws stumbled over the little device and Dawn frowned.

“Are you alright?”

“Not really.” Gabriel said honestly he saw no point in lying as Dawn seemed to already know something was wrong.

“We’ll be alright” Dawn said quietly “we just have to wait.” he picked up his bag.

“Dawn can I ask something?” Dawn smiled at him curiously.

“What?” he asked.

“How long have you had a tail?” Dawn laughed suddenly.

“I've always had it.”

“Where was it before?” Gabriel frowned, Dawn looked at him in amused disbelief.

“Where it is now.” He said.

“Why have I never seen it before?”

“Because,” Dawn said pulling the vampyre into a tight hug “I never really display it except in my daemon form.”

“Oh” Gabriel said trying to make his awful memory remember Dawn's daemon form. Dawn kissed the top of his head. “Can I ask why?”

“You can,” Dawn said slowly Gabriel noticed the change in his tone. “But I’d rather not say.”

“Oh, okay.” Gabriel said a little confused.

“Guys,” Berith called from the entrance of the cave she smiled seeing the two so close.

Yeah?” Dawn answered not letting Gabriel pull away as Berith walked over.

“You two are so cute.” She grinned “but I have to interrupt, Lou's missing.”

“What?” Dawn snarled he released the vampyre and grabbed his bag.

The End

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