A Little Guilt Can HelpMature

Dawn looked down to see Gabriel trying to see his shoulder.

“Here.” Dawn smiled slowly lowering himself to one knee.

“Dawn,” Gabriel sighed as he took the cloth away, the tear in the daemons shoulder was deep. “I…

“Don’t apologize again.” Dawn frowned Gabriel opened his mouth again then closed it Dawn smiled up at him.

“I didn’t mean it.” Gabriel said he felt miserable as he cleaned the ragged wound. Dawn reached an arm around the vampyres waist Gabriel flinched slightly as the daemon rested his head on his stomach.

“Don’t worry,” he said “these things happen.”


Gabriel and Dawn followed Zanza to a small cavern just off the main one, a little underground spring was hidden away at the far end. The water had worn away the stone around it making a deep pool that over flowed and ran its secret little way out beneath the stone. Gabriel watched as Dawn stripped off his bloodstained shirt, he sighed and Zanza looked at him.

“What is wrong young wolf?” she asked.

“I'm not a wolf” Gabriel said his tone had none of the usual venom that he used at a nickname. Dawn looked up and saw the vampyres wings were lower than usual his shoulders were slumped, Dawn smiled slightly.

“Hey,” he said quietly Zanza walked away as Dawn moved to the vampyre, he stood close and Gabriel saw the raised wound across Dawn's shoulder. “Stop it” Dawn growled he turned the vampyre around by his shoulders and gently began to untie the long silver hair dry mud flaked out as he undid the braid.

“Stop what?” Gabriel asked as he fought the urge to tell Dawn that ‘he could do his hair himself.’

“Stop worrying.” Dawn laughed “I've had worse.”

“I know.” Gabriel said he couldn’t help the little smile as a shiver ran through him. Dawn's own smile was wide as he used his fingers to brush the last curls of the braid from Gabriel's hair. 

The End

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