Sylver's BarkMature

Gabriel saw Dawn's head turn and felt himself lunge forward unable to control his own muscles as they leaped forward. Dawn landed on his back as Lou yelled, Gabriel's claws gripped the daemons arms his teeth digging into Dawn's neck just above his collarbone the daemon struggled trying to throw the vampyre off. Lou moved grabbing Gabriel's shoulders.

“Lou don’t.” Dawn shouted as Lou pulled Gabriel back, the vampyres teeth tore through Dawn's skin. Lou had one arm around Gabriel's throat the other held flames near his face, Gabriel froze. Dawn clapped a hand to his shoulder sitting up.

“You idiot.” He snarled at Lou.

“Excuse me?” Lou snapped back “I just saved your life.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Dawn growled “you made it worse, now it'll take ages to heal.”

“Better than him killing you.” Lou snarled Dawn laughed.

“He wouldn’t have.” He said bitterly “none of them can take that much.” Gabriel felt his mind regain its connection to his muscles as the heat from Lou's magick turned his cheek pink.

“Let me go” he growled.

“Not until I know what happened.” Lou hissed.

“Gabriel's control failed” Dawn shouted “that’s all.”

“That’s all?” Lou repeated in disbelief Gabriel dropped and Lou jerked as the vampyre pulled out of his grip. Sylver, Deacon and Balthazar came in as Gabriel spun ignoring the fire that burnt in the daemons palm he stared at the daemon, fury marring his face.   

“It doesn't happen often.” Dawn argued taking hold of the vampyres shoulders. Balthazar was the one to grip Lou's wrist as his magick flared.

“Sire.” The huge daemon said calmly as Gabriel's claws swiped at Lou.

“Cool off.” Dawn whispered in Gabriel's ear, Balthazar nodded.

“And you.” He said to the daemon he held Lou's brown eyes burnt into Gabriel's blue ones. Gabriel stared for a moment longer before he sneered and turned away looking at Dawn.

Guilt replaced anger quickly as he saw blood dripping down the daemons chest soaking the torn shirt.

“Dawn,” he said quietly “I am so sorry.” The bloodlust was still there but shame and exhaustion covered it easily.

“Don’t be” Dawn winced as Sylver wiped a cloth over the wound “it’s not your fault.”

“Then who's is it?” Lou snarled.

“No ones.” Dawn said glaring at his father he pulled Gabriel into a one armed hug.

“It’s not like we can control it.” Sylver said as he worked “if it happens it happens whether we want it too or not.”

“You weren’t even here.” Lou said.

“Been there and done it.” Sylver shrugged not really caring about Lou's opinion. “But Gabriel, you should have told someone it was that bad.”

“It wasn’t when I went to sleep.”

“Alright.” Sylver nodded.

“It is not alright.” Lou said angrily.

“Lucifer,” Sylver barked “a word, now.” It wasn’t a request, he passed the cloth to Gabriel and grabbed Lou's arm pulling him away from Balthazar.

“I'm still watching you.” Lou snarled.


The End

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