Lou's First Small MistakeMature

Morgan grumbled as they walked Gabriel tuned out as exhaustion overtook him now he had a semblance of safety.

“You will all stay here.” Zanza said leading them to a low building large enough to take the group comfortably. Blankets and crude pillows were being laid out over the floor making a sea of softness that Gabriel smiled tiredly at.


Dawn had actually kissed Berith as she rummaged in her bag for some night clothes she had pulled out some tea bags and half a jar of coffee, from Amarantine's warehouse.


Gabriel lay down beside Dawn as the large daemon drank hot coffee from an empty JD bottle.

“Night Dawn.” Gabriel muttered closing his eyes.

“Goodnight,” Dawn smiled running his hand gently over Gabriel's hair. “My wolf” Gabriel slapped his hands away.

“I am not a wolf.”


Gabriel awoke in the dark to a burn in his chest and stomach and he winced as he lay back down seeing the others were all asleep still.


Gabriel opened his eyes again to see light nearby, a small fire burned and the vampyre screwed his face up as smoke made his eyes water and he rolled over. Dawn's back was facing him Lou was near them his eyes closed as he sat cross-legged on his pile of cushions.

The burn in his chest hit him quickly as the scent of blood overcame the smell of the fire. He growled closing his eyes.

“Morning.” Dawn smiled turning his head to see Gabriel.

“Dawn,” Gabriel groaned as he felt heat spread through his veins, the daemons smile vanished as he turned to see Gabriel. The vampyres pupils were wide filling in the blue his breaths were shallow and fast as he watched Dawn intently. Dawn moved slowly keeping his eyes on Gabriel.

“Alright, hang on.” He said gently reaching for the mug he'd been filling from a slow bleeding cut in his wrist. “here.” He said lifting the mug to Gabriel. The vampyre closed his eyes trying to get some control over his senses. His whole body tensed as Dawn touched his cheek. “Sweetie?” Dawn frowned.

“Just…” Gabriel closed his mouth as he felt the feral snarl building in his throat.


Lou looked up as he felt a strange power building nearby. Gabriel was on his knees his eyes closed, one hand lay on the floor the other on his chest. Dawn had his palm flat against the vampyres cheek as he put the mug down.

“Dawn?” Lou called concerned his son quickly turned his head taking his eyes from the vampyre.

The End

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