Gabriel looked again at the high cavern that was the original Bain. Wolves stopped to stare at the strange creatures that stood together.

These wolves were different still standing on their back legs, they were bigger and more strongly built, their back still curved over but they stood straighter than Raziel's original pack.

Gabriel shifted his feet as the wolves moved slowly to surround the group.

“What do you want?” a voice snarled the others all growled or nodded.

“Just shelter.” Lou said loudly, one of the wolves came forward she stood a little smaller than Lou.

“Shelter?” she growled her eyes fixed on Lou. “How did you find this place?” Gabriel moved forward.

“I led them here.” He said looking at the wolf. “I was here in Bain a long time ago.”

“Bain?” the wolf laughed “it has not been referred to as Bain since Caleb's rule.”

“Whatever,” Gabriel said “but I helped the wolves then and I'm calling in my favour now.” The huge wolf moved forward sniffing the air around the vampyre for long moments.

“You are the wolf known as Gabriel?” she frowned

“Yes,” he said he wasn’t keen on being a wolf but would argue that point later, the wolf carried on sniffing moving through the group.

“Most of you are sick.” She said a little more gently.

“Not sick,” Berith said “just tired and disappointed.”

“Disappointed?” the wolf turned to look at Berith.

“We came to the midway to find shelter…” Berith sighed the wolf nodded.

“It’s all gone.” She said “our hunting grounds are gone so we cannot shelter anyone, we can’t feed anyone else.”
“we don’t eat,” Lou said “but we can help you once we get away from here.”

“Help us?” the wolf sniffed him circling around him slowly.

“We can find a new home for you” Lou said carefully.

“Hm,” the wolf sat back on her hind legs looking at him “you smell familiar.”

“I don’t see how,” Lou frowned “I have never had dealings with the wolves in the past.” Someone pushed through the crowds of wolves and froze as she saw the group.

“Bridget.” Gabriel muttered seeing her, the daemons face lit up.

“Gabriel?” she cried happily “and Raoul.” She threw her arms around both vampyres. The she wolf near Lou sniggered as she watched.

“I take that as you are welcome.” She smiled she stood and Gabriel pulled himself away from the happy daemon moving to Dawn. It was then that Bridget noticed Dawn and Lou her eyes widened her smile vanishing as she dropped to one knee her head lowered, the wolfs eyes narrowed, Berith moved forward to the her.

“That’s Dawn,” she pointed at the daemon. “Lord of the Underworld”

“I see her subservience as respect then” the wolf nodded “and the other?” Lou looked at her.

“That’s Lou, Hells ruler.”

“Lucifer?” the wolf said with interest sniffing again Berith nodded. “That is why you're familiar, we have had one of your daemons with us before.

“Really?” Lou asked.

“Wesley,” Gabriel growled.

“Indeed” the wolf said not taking her eyes form Lou. Then she shook her head the shiver travelling down her spine to her long tail. She looked around at the wolves surrounding the group. “Away with you,” she growled “beds and warm water in the hall.” The wolves scurried away and the female wolf turned back to the tired group. “I am Zanza” she said “the wolf among you has favour with us so we will shelter you all in return we need new hunting grounds as soon as possible.” The group all nodded.

“The wolf among us?” Morgan looked at Gabriel with a smile, the wolf looked at her carefully.

“You are his blood,” she frowned “and you are sick.”

“I'm just tired.” Morgan insisted the wolf walked to Morgan, she smiled.

“The mother of young ones should not exert herself as you do.”

“Not a lot of choice.” Morgan growled.

“Come on, we’ll make you comfortable.”  

The End

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