Into the TunnelMature

The group waited until it was vaguely dark before venturing out of the house.

“We do need to get off the Midway quickly” Dawn was saying to Lou, “the Dynonia daemons will be here soon enough.”

“I think they will search the tunnels first.” Lou said. “You say you all dried off in a courtyard.” Sylver nodded “well, that means by some stroke of luck we got the right route, I didn’t even see any other tunnels.” Lou kept glancing up at the cloud filled sky.

“I suppose.” Sylver nodded remembering the map that Amarantine had given them.


The entrance was high in the cliff but Gabriel moved along the base of the towering rock face running his claws over the stone.

“Here.” He said seeing the huge stone that covered the back door as the wolves had called it.

Between them Balthazar and Lou moved the boulder back into place as the rest of the group huddled in the dark. Gabriel involuntarily felt his throat close as the darkness seem to press against him. He and Lou lit up their magick illuminating the tunnels ahead and the snarling face of a wolf standing over six feet in height.

“Hi.” Dawn smiled nervously as the wolfs fur bristled his snarl changing to a deep growl.

Chrys made a step forward to stand beside his father the wolfs green eyes flicked to the young vampyre.

“Be careful.” Gabriel whispered Chrys smiled and held a hand out palm up. The wolf snapped angrily but Chrys didn’t falter his hand staying perfectly still. The huge animal looked at the boys face its eyes narrowing and slowly it shuffled forward not taking its eyes from Chrys’ face. Lou opened his mouth as the wolf began to growl again.

“Lou,” Dawn hissed “don’t.” the wolfs head snapped up glaring at them inch long canine teeth dripped as it snarled.

“It’s okay.” Chrys said quickly his voice was a slightly higher tone than Tairas’. The wolfs eyes slowly and warily turned back to him and the offered hand. “come on.” Chrys said gently. The wolf sniffed his fingers and then backed away quickly looking at Chrys a moment longer its large green eyes fell on each of them then it turned and moved away down the tunnel. Chrys was the first to follow as the rest of the group wondered what had just happened.

The End

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