Possibility of a PlanMature

Gabriel was glad of Dawn's warmth as they stood together in the burnt out house. The destroyed roof allowed the rain to pour down into all that was left of the rooms. Only the training room was dry and the group all huddled together.

Lou walked back and forth muttering to himself and kicking up ash. Gabriel growled as Lou's incessant pacing began to grate on his nerves. Moving away from Dawn he crossed to the windows, the glass had gone, blown out by the heat of the flames. He pulled himself onto the ash covered windowsill and looked out at the blackened landscape.

“Gabriel,” Sylver said quietly behind him.

“What now?” Gabriel sighed.

“Now,” Sylver smiled perching beside him “we do what we always do.”

“Which is?” Gabriel asked looking at him.

“We find a different way to do this.” Sylver said.

“We can’t even get away from here”

“we need to get Lou to full power” Sylver said calmly “get somewhere safe, get some rest, get to hell then find out who did this.”

“We know who did it.” Gabriel growled.

“Do we?” Sylver smiled “Mother is definitely in charge of all of it but I think she has a middle man somewhere along the line.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Later.” Sylver said noticing Lou was watching them the daemon had stopped his pacing and was eyeing the twins suspiciously. Suddenly Sylver chuckled as his head tilted to one side. “Ah, the bane of my existence.” He grinned “Deacon's calling.”


“Never mind.” Sylver sniggered walking away. Gabriel turned back to the window shaking his head slightly at his twins optimism then he frowned as his mind replayed the conversation.


Dawn saw Gabriel's back straighten and he frowned as the vampyre turned.

“I know where to go.” He said.

“Where?” Dawn asked, he suppressed the smile as he watched the vampyres fluid movements as Gabriel walked back to him.

“Bain.” Gabriel smiled.

“We can’t trust the wolves.” Maxwell frowned.

“Not the one with wolves,” Gabriel smiled “the one without.”

“Isn’t that in a cave?” Rossier asked Gabriel nodded, “you hate caves.”

“I hate being out in the open even more.” Gabriel said.

The End

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