A Disheartened Temper and No Way OutMature

Dawn watched Gabriel for a moment as the vampyre stared out of the doors silent fury burning inside him. The vampyres eyes were dark as he turned to look at Dawn.

“We can sort this out,” Dawn said carefully “please.” The daemon flinched as electricity cracked and fizzed around Gabriel's hands the vampyre just looked at him blankly.

“Berith,” Lou said quietly, slightly surprised at the level of magick in the air “can you stop him?”

“No, sire.” Berith said “it’s still building, I could drain him.”

“What are you two talking about?” Sylver hissed as he held onto Deacon the little daemon was struggling with the barrage of emotions from all around him he squeezed his eyes shut as Sylver's hand stroked his hair.


Dawn warily watched the lightning around the vampyre as Gabriel's magick grew he thought of stepping back as he felt his skin begin to heat up. Instead he stepped forward, Balthazar grabbed Lou as he moved towards Dawn. Dawn clenched his teeth as he rested his hands on Gabriel's shoulders jerking as the electricity jolted up his arms. Then the pain died and Dawn felt a warmth flow through him as Gabriel looked up and smiled sadly nodding slowly.

“Alright?” Dawn said softly Gabriel's magick still thundered through him but his exhaustion and unhappiness stopped the usual explosive nature of his unpredictable power. Dawn pulled the vampyre into a tight hug Gabriel's own arms squeezed the daemon tightly not quite meeting around Dawn's back.


“Berith” Lou smiled at her “how about now?”

“Well, I can but I will take the magick from him.” Berith said Lou nodded.

“Gabriel.” He called Dawn shook his head at his father as he felt Gabriel growl against him.


After a few minutes Gabriel pulled away and looked at Lou.

“Berith, you can take it.” He said Lou frowned. “I have exceptionally good hearing.” Gabriel said keeping back the annoyance and anger in his voice as much as he could. Berith smiled and moved forward her body soaked up the charge in the air and she stopped near Gabriel.

“wow.” She said “that’s my magick full.” She peered at Gabriel curiously “you have a lot of power.”
“only when I'm annoyed.” Gabriel sighed he wasn’t in the mood for conversation as he turned and looked back out of the door.


“So, now what?” Sylver said the group stood at the edge of the crater that led to earth now without the teleport it had contained it was just a massive gouge out of the land.

“Now,” Lou sighed “we find somewhere to stay that’s safe until we work out something else to do. I doubt Gabriel can top anyone’s magick up after that performance.”  Gabriel felt his temper bristle at the daemons comment but weariness that made his legs struggle to hold his weight to him to keep quiet he turned and looked up.

“I suggest we find somewhere that’s sheltered” he commented looking at the dark rain clouds above.

“And someone somewhere would have noticed your impressive display.” Rossier said “lets not forget that we may have company soon.” Gabriel glared at him as the first drop of rain landed on his hand. 

The End

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