The Promise of HomeMature

Lou caught Gabriel across the chest, stopping him before he fell. The secret panel had once led to an upper floor landing in a large house, the raging inferno that had gutted the building had burnt any floorboards leaving a long drop below. Gabriel stared out Lou's arm held tightly stopping him moving.

Dawn moved up to look, disbelief and fury marred his face as he stared at the shell of the house he'd called home.

“Get off.” Gabriel said quietly Lou looked at Dawn who nodded silently. Lou slowly let the vampyre in his arms go.

“Gabriel,” he said, Gabriel didn’t seem to hear as he jumped down, ash and dust flew up as he landed on the solid floor below.

“Gabriel,” Dawn called as the vampyre walked away through the ruined building"come back" 


Dawn, Lou and Balthazar helped the others down.

“I've got to find him.” Dawn said answering Lou's questioning look as he shifted his feet. Balthazar lowered Morgan down to Lou carefully.

“I’ll come with you.” She said Dawn paused thinking about refusing her offer then he sighed and nodded.


Gabriel was in, what had once been the lounge. In the doorway where the front doors had stood he knelt staring out as the suns came up.

“Gabriel?” Morgan said quietly her father didn’t look around instead he raised one arm and waved a hand beckoning her to come to him. Dawn moved with her and slowly Gabriel's face came into view. The vampyre turned to look at him he wrapped an arm around Morgan's shoulders as she knelt beside him.

“Dawn,” he said dejectedly Dawn knelt too as Gabriel's pale face turned back to look outside. “We’re home.” Gabriel said closing his eyes against the smoke that rose from the daemon city and the burnt out land behind it. Trees and plants were gone the sky was filled with black smoke, ash covered everything.

“I'm sorry.” Dawn sighed resting his head on Gabriel's shoulder the vampyre opened his eyes again. Anger was starting to burn out the feeling of loss and disappointment.

“You promised me we would see home again, Dawn.” Gabriel growled Dawn started at the fury in Gabriel's voice, looking up.

“I…” Dawn started “I didn’t know this…”

“Dawn,” Gabriel looked at him “you kept your promise, now I'm making one. My family will be safe and I am going to Paradise once they are.” Morgan stood feeling magick in the air she looked around and saw a single spark crackle down the vampyres hair. Dawn backed off moving quickly to Morgan.

“Go” he said “now.” Gabriel stood too Dawn looked at him as Morgan hurried away and the rest of the group came in. she ran to Chrys and turned back to see Gabriel and Dawn. 

The End

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