The Smell of SmokeMature

“Hold them” Dawn said trying to manoeuvre the little batteries in Gabriel's grip.

“I'm trying,” Gabriel growled.

“Okay,” Dawn smiled “literally just the tiniest bit of magick should charge them. Not too much or you'll blow them up.” Gabriel stared at the daemon feeling Dawn's breath on his cheek, Dawn smiled his face inches from the vampyres.


“Hey” Lou smiled sitting down as Gabriel charged the other battery.

“Where’s Rossier?” Morgan asked.

“here.” A quiet voice said, Rossier sat down beside Lou and Balthazar Morgan frowned, the usually loud daemon seemed deflated and gloomy.


Gabriel watched Tairas fiddle with the little light and snorted when the batteries were in and nothing happened. Tairas looked at him for a moment then raised the light flicking the switch, he raised his eyebrows smugly a small smile on his face as the bright light blinded Gabriel for a moment.


A few hours later they were moving again Lou led the way, holding the little light up.


“Hang on” Lou called he sniffed and frowned. “I can smell smoke.” Gabriel nodded as the others agreed.

“What now?” Dawn asked.

“Keep going,” Gabriel growled “stay alert.”

Lou slowly moved forward he turned his head as the light bounced back from something ahead, he stopped at a metal shutter blocking the tunnel, he pushed it without success. Gabriel leant past him and pulled a metal handle beside the door. The sound of grinding gears filled the tunnel before something popped and crunched inside the wall and the noise stopped.

 “Back up.” Lou called as he stepped back raising his leg his foot connected sharply with the panel and the gears ground back into life the shutter ground and moved an inch. Lou pushed it and it slid aside.

“Gabriel stop.” Dawn shouted as the vampyre barrelled past him.

The End

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