Tiredness Makes for IdeasMature

“You’re right.” Gabriel said wondering how to get dressed with his hand lit up. “They never did in Paradise but soon after moving to the midway they got a little sore and each day it was slightly worse it was gradual enough that I didn’t really take much notice until recently”

“That’s normal.” Lou's voice said behind them.

“Do you mind?” Gabriel growled.

“Not really.” Lou smiled lighting his own hand with dim red fire. “get dressed”

“Thanks” Gabriel said pulling a shirt on, he looked up as the daemon paled his magick going out, Gabriel lit his own hand again. Gabriel noticed the extensive tattoo curled around Lou’s slim hips and down his legs ending just above his knees.

“What?” Lou asked smiling curiously.

“Nothing.” Gabriel growled, “Why is it normal?”

“Well,” Lou said pulling on his clothes, he bent down to straighten the bottom of his jeans. “The scars are deep and as they heal everything beneath the skin heals too.” Lou stood straight sweeping his short hair back. “Fat, muscle, nerve endings repair but slowly.”

“So” Dawn said “as the nerve endings heal they hurt?”

“Until they are back to how they should be, yes.” Lou nodded.

“great.” Gabriel growled pulling on a thick hoodie.

“Sire,” Balthazar called as he came up to them he had changed already.


“Shall I go ahead and see what's there before we settle down?”

“No, Balthazar, thank you.” Lou said. “But I do want a word with you and your brother, in private.” Balthazar nodded once and moved off further down the tunnel. “Rossier.” Lou called the daemon looked up and Lou pointed down to Balthazar as Morgan and Berith came back. The small daemon sighed and moved around half dressed vampyres and daemons without even a comment he joined Lou and his brother and they moved even further into the darkness.

Dawn sat down lighting a cigarette and Gabriel joined him.

“Hey,” Morgan said quietly Malachi stood beside her they sat down. Morgan scoffed as Gabriel tried to aim the cigarette smoke away from her. “Don’t bother,” she said “this little guy has had worse than that, all of this running must be bad for him.”

“You know it’s a boy?” Dawn asked.

“Pretty sure.” Morgan smiled. Balthazar didn’t even bother trying to get past them instead he sat down beside Dawn and Malachi as they sat on opposite sides of the tunnel.

“Alright.” He muttered everyone just nodded as Tairas sat down beside Gabriel. He held the little battery powered light in his hands and he started tugging at it taking it apart.

“What are you doing?” Dawn asked watching him. Tairas paused and looked at him then without a word went back to pulling two tiny cylindrical objects from it and passed them to Gabriel.

“Magick” he said not looking up as he carried on examining the little device.

“Huh?” Gabriel frowned as Dawn smiled.

“The boy’s a genius” the daemon laughed as Gabriel looked at the little batteries. 

The End

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