Soggy ConversationsMature

Dawn saw Gabriel's magick flicker as the vampyre shivered.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said quietly.

“I'm alright.” Gabriel couldn’t stop his teeth chattering as he spoke Dawn smiled.

“Cold?” he said Gabriel glared at him but nodded. Dawn put a wet arm around the vampyres shoulders and Gabriel smiled appreciating the effort.


It was almost an hour before Balthazar could set Malachi down the daemon had tiny burn marks on his face and hands where the water had splashed.

“How do you have a bath?” Gabriel asked as he stripped his outer layers off.

“There is a tonic I can add to water,” Malachi said “it makes it tolerable and doesn’t injure me, I just go a little pink.”  

“How did you come with us when we left the Midway?” Sylver asked “we went through water then.”

“Like I said,” Malachi smiled “it makes it bearable, for a short time.”
“fair enough.” Gabriel couldn’t imagine not being able to have a shower. Berith tried to get near enough to Malachi to check his injuries but the small daemon waved her away.

“Let me see.” She growled.

“I'm alright.” He grumbled as her clothes dripped water near him, he snatched his hand back. “Get yourself sorted.” Morgan squeaked as she turned to see Rossier strip off and begin digging in his bag for dry clothes.

“What?” he frowned noticing her looking.

“Have some dignity.” She frowned.

“Never.” Rossier grinned Berith slapped his arm as she pulled Morgan further down the tunnel to change. Gabriel moved to pass Rossier and stopped his eyes fixed on two ragged slightly pink scars running down where his shoulder blades were.

“Gabriel,” Dawn shook his head hurriedly at the vampyre and beckoned him over.

“What happened to him?” Gabriel whispered once they were away, he could hear Morgan and Berith talking further down the tunnel.

“Rossier's story,” Dawn said “but he can be a little touchy about it. You always notice when someone's scarred, dont you?” Dawn smiled.

“Do I?” Gabriel shrugged "but fair enough that he feels that way" he could understand the daemons point he stripped his wet shirt off.

“Talking of which,” Dawn said not looking up as he tugged his jeans of grimacing as the material stuck to his cold skin.

“Of what?” Gabriel growled knowing what the daemon was talking about.

“Yours,” Dawn said now looking up in the darkness. “I have been thinking and I swear your scars were never painful before. You were always sensitive about them but they never hurt before.” 

The End

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