Intimacy in Cold WaterMature

“Gabriel, Dawn?” Sylver asked lifting his bag above his head. “Does this seem a little familiar to you?”

“It does,” Gabriel said.
“It’s not what you think.” Dawn sighed

“What do you mean?” Sylver questioned he gasped as cold water washed around his stomach. Gabriel opened his mouth as he stepped down again the water washed around his chin and he quickly closed his mouth sputtering slightly. Dawn moved behind him wrapping an arm around his waist he lifted him easily Gabriel's were hands both full and Lou took his bag and Dawn's hoisting Sylver up too.

“We dried off in the courtyard,” Dawn continued, “no courtyard this time.” He smiled despite his disappointment as he saw Gabriel trying to shake muddy water from his face and hair as the vampyre wrapped an arm around Dawn's shoulders for balance.

“Oh,” Sylver sighed disappointed.

“We couldn’t be that lucky.” Maxwell said “it seems whenever we’re in a cave or tunnel something goes wrong.”

“Well aren’t we the cheerful one.” Rossier growled as he lifted Maxwell up. Gabriel sighed and Dawn saw his eyes close for a moment.

“I hope we’re nearly home, Dawn” he said quietly to the daemon, Dawn lifted him a little higher.

“Me too, sweetie,” he whispered “me too.” He kissed the side of Gabriel's neck not caring that the pale skin was streaked with mud, he smiled widely as he heard a low growl the vampyre shivered slightly in his arms.  

Dawn reluctantly unwrapped his arms from around Gabriel setting him down on the higher step.

“Thanks” Gabriel smiled and moved watching as Lou set Sylver down Van Hay stepped up putting Berith down, Deacon climbed down from the daemons back.

“Let’s get somewhere a little dryer,” Lou said as they carried on walking their sopping wet clothes dragging their tired muscles. “Then I say we rest and get changed.” 

The End

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