Travelling ProblemsMature

Far away a tired group trudged down a dark tunnel, in the lead Gabriel and Dawn walked slowly. Dawn was pale and exhausted his magick burnt out, Gabriel had his own magick lighting his hand lightning curled around his claws that were held up to light their way. Behind them walking in pairs were six vampyres and seven daemons. All of them had used their own power to light the way.


Gabriel looked down as he struggled to lift his boots.

“I think we have a problem.” Dawn called dully as mud splashed around his feet.

“Keep going,” Lou called “what else can we do?” he added more quietly.

“Uh,” a voice said from the back. Lou turned to see the usually quiet Malachi who was travelling alone at the very rear of the group. “I can’t.”

“Keep going.” Lou said firmly as he picked his way through the others, he smiled at Malachi. “Look, I know we've been travelling for a long time everyone’s tired.”

“Its not that sire.” Malachi said.

“Then what?” Lou asked Malachi sighed.

“The water,” he said “I'm a fire daemon.”
“you and water don’t mix.” Lou nodded understanding he looked around. “Balthazar.”

“Sire?” the huge daemon boomed from further down the tunnel.

“Take Malachi, don’t let him touch the water.” Balthazar nodded and moved back down the line the group pressed themselves against the wall to make room.

Gabriel frowned waiting until the group were all together before moving again. water splashed around his boots slowly seeping in the lace holes. His mind tugged at him remembering something familiar to this.

The step down made him stumble, Dawn grabbed his arm even as the daemon himself tripped.

“Thanks.” Gabriel muttered grateful that the daemon wasn’t tired enough to lose his fast reflexes.

“Welcome.” Dawn mumbled showing he was tired enough to lose his vocabulary, Gabriel smiled. Behind them everyone was tentative around the step trying not to fall. Balthazar handed his bag to Rossier before hoisting the little daemon on his back higher making sure he wouldn’t get wet. Then he leant forward and Morgan squeaked as he lifted her onto the other shoulder.

“What are you doing?” she asked more shocked then annoyed.

“It's cold.” Balthazar said concentrating on keeping his feet on the slippery ground beneath the muddy water. “its not good for you.” Morgan smiled gratefully. 

The End

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