Gabriel and his family and friends try to find a home in the midst of war

Lewis pulled Allegra back into the shadows of the warehouse as Amarantine stepped away from the teleport as it flashed and began to shrink. Amarantine stared at the spot where the whirling disc of magick had been a deep frown on his face.

“Hang on.” Lewis said as Allegra made to move “something’s happening.” Amarantine growled as he swept a hand over the dusty ground as if he could find the teleport, then he stood and his eyes swept the warehouse warily.

“Lucifer?” he called Allegra lay her tiny hand on Lewis neck as she settled on his shoulder her form shrunk down. “Dawn?” Amarantine turned and walked to the exit with one last look at the look at the sandy floor he left. Allegra and Lewis heard the lock on the door click as they stepped out moving to the place the teleport had been.


“It’s gone.” Lewis frowned. “What happened?”

“I don’t know” Allegra said “it takes powerful magick to interfere with a teleport, more than Amarantine has.” She looked up as something cracked nearby she saw black smoke pouring into the building, Lewis ran holding her carefully in his hands as flames began to lick at the wooden beams above.

The End

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