Chapter 3Mature

Garrett Senclaire was tired. He'd been up late reviewing the reports from several of the departments that made up BNW. They'd mostly been dealing with the morality of several new projects Garrett had come up with, and several problems with legal ramifications. So, head jangling with legal jargon, he'd fallen asleep at his desk and dreamed of a press conference that had taken place a few days ago.

The reporters had questioned his support of "The Social Experiment" hosted by Doctor Adam Sigmund.

"It's reality TV," Garrett had responded. "The participants are all willing and under contract. It's no different than 'American Idol' or 'America's Funniest Home Videos'. Why are you so concerned with The Social Experiment?"

The questions and flashes from the cameras and reporters slowly melded into his office lights and two of his employees waking him up before dawn.

"You fell asleep at your desk again, sir," said Garrett's secretary. His personal assistant was standing nearby holding a fresh suit for Garrett in one hand and a small suitcase in the other.

"It's time to visit Paradise, sir. The helicopter is waiting on the pad, ready to take you to the airport. Doctor Sigmund has provided a special plane for your visit."

"How nice of him..." Garrett muttered, standing up and taking the suit. He changed quickly, behind a screen set up in the corner of his office for just this purpose. Looking at himself in the mirror, he frowned. The 20 year old CEO looked like he'd spent too many nights at the office, there were dark shadows under his grey eyes and they seemed sunken into his skull. Running a hand through his light hair, mussing it fashionably, he stepped out from behind the screen and took the suitcase from the personal assistant, smiling at her as she looked at him nervously. The smile was fake. Garrett wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep, going to investigate the artificial "Paradise" island populated by artificially beautified and happy people was the last thing he wanted to do.

"No rest for the weary." He said by way of goodbye as he headed for the door. "I'm sure you two will hold down the fort here." The two employees nodded and the trio started toward the roof.

"Good, I expect everything to be running smoothly while I'm gone. You need to file the reports and keep the lawyers occupied until I get back."

"We can do that, sir," the secretary replied. The Helicopter started its propellers and Garrett took the suitcase from his Personal Assistant.

"Good luck." The three said in unison, and grinning, Garrett slipped on the Helicopter headphones and gave the order to take off.

The End

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