Chapter 2Mature

I woke up in a dark room. The first thing I realized is that I was laying in a very comfortable bed. The second thing was that I couldnt remember anything. Not really. My head felt, strangely empty.

I lay very still as my eyes adjusted to the dim light. The light was coming from beneath a set of nearly floor length curtains, reflecting onto a green and brown leaf patterned carpet. A desk sat next to the window, and a large framed mirror hung above that. A dresser sat to the left of that, with the darker mass of a TV either sitting on it or attached to the wall right above it. In the dim light it was hard to tell. I couldnt really make out what was on the other side of the room without more light, so I sat up and turned to face the bedside table, finding a lamp and a small pad of paper, but no clock. I clicked on the lamp and the sight of my hand caught my attention. It was soft, and smooth, my nails were long and manicured. It struck me as odd, but I couldnt remember why.

Looking over at the far side of the room now, I saw a wall with a painting on it, monet's water lilies. A lovely peice, but not particularly my style. I frowned, what was my style. Why couldnt I remember anything? I slid out of bed to see what was around the corner from the wall.

I discovered I was wearing pale-pale pink pajamas, so light they were almost white. A pair of fuzzy slippers sat next to the bed. I slipped them on to discover they were exactly my size, my feet sank into them and I sighed in happiness, before padding over to the corner, which was actually a short hallway with three doors leading off of it.

I opened one, which was a bathroom, with a large bathtub and shower combination and a toilet and a wide counter with a sink. I closed that door and opened the next to reveal a smiling trio of girls. I closed the door quickly a little freaked out to see them standing there. But then someone knocked and I opened the door again. The three girls bounced in, big grins on their faces.

"Good morning Robin!" Said the leader, whom was the one I assumed knocked.

"Robin?" I repeated.

"Yeah!" The leader said again. She had skin the color of chocolate, and her dark hair was done up into a million tiny braids, which had been pulled back into a ponytail. Little beads on the ends of each braid clicked as she moved. "Thats your name, its what it says on your profile here!" She pulled a small pamphlet out of her pocket and read it out loud.

"Robin Jenkins, age 19. Its got your picture.

"Loves to read, journal and swim. Aspiring to be a marine biologist...."

I listened eagerly, willing to learn anything about myself. I couldnt remember a thing, but the profile sounded right.

"Ooh, it says your  ideal guy is... the business type." The girls all looked disappointed at that.

"Well! We can soon change your mind about that!" Said one of the others, a brunette with hair cut short in a bob. "There are loads of hotties in Paradise."

"Paradise?" I repeated, I was starting to feel like a parrot.

"Yeah, Robin." The third girl, a blonde with hair tumbling down to her shoulders, said, getting up and opening the curtains, revealing a view of the most perfect island getaway ever. We were about three floors up judging by the height, and had the view of a pristine white sand beach, curving around a natural bay, the water was caribbean blue but turned to a dark royal blue near the opening to the ocean. I went over to the window to see clearer. On the beach were umbrellas, and people, but not many. Some were sunbathing, others were in the water or kneeling by the waves edge. White paths curved away from the beach and through thick green  foliage toward a small town nestled in the center of the island. Across the way from the hotel place was another hotel looking building, about four stories in height.

"Thats the boys' dorm." The leader said. "Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Lisa, thats Cindy," she pointed to the brunette one, "and Danielle, we call her Dani," Pointing at the blonde.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

"Now, here's a gift basket!" Lisa said, handing me an enormous fruit basket, I had no idea where she'd put it. "And go get dressed, its time to introduce you to the boys." They all exchanged winks and smiles as I pushed the basket off my lap and opened the third door in the small hallway.

I was confronted with a lot of clothing bags. I stepped inside hesitantly and turned in a full circle.

"I have my own mall." I said, it was a quote from somewhere. The girls outside laughed.

"Just get a bathing suit on." Someone said, I think it was Dani. "Something cute."

I opened one of the bags, and realizing it wasnt what I was looking for, I turned and caught sight of my reflection in the mirror.

The girl in the mirror was beautiful. Her hair was long and dark dark brown, braided. I undid the braid and the hair waved to the middle of her back. Her eyes were huge, and a bright blue-green color. Her chest was moderately sized, not flat, not massive. The waist was a perfect hourglass, the hips were also moderate. Her skin was smooth and clear and pale, not tanned like the others. The pale pink pjs really worked on her.

I opened up more clothing bags until I found the suits, then tried them on until I found one I liked, which turned out to be a simple, white, sleeveless top that went straight across the chest and then cut off just above the stomach, and a pair of short blue shorts. A pair of strappy sandals without heels and I strode out of the closet.

"Lets go meet the boys."

The End

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