Chapter 1Mature

The bell rang the end of seventh period and I gathered up my notebook and pencil and stuffed them in my backpack.  Standing up quickly I was out the door before the rest of the class.

"In a hurry Jazz?" Someone teased as I dashed down the hall, still pulling my backpack onto my shoulder as I ran.

"Run forest run!" Someone else quoted. People were filling the halls now. The crowd bottlenecked up ahead. I wasn't going to make it past the area before it got choked with people. I made an attempt to slow down...

And ran face first into someones backpack. I backed up and raised my head as the tall guy I ran into turned to see who'd bumped him. It was Joey Scarlet, of course, the one guy in the school I'd secretly liked since middle school. I quickly dropped my gaze to look straight ahead and adopted the half-asleep zombie expression worn on every other face in the school. He looked right over my head.

Then the crowd miraculously parted and I was free. I raced out the front doors and barely paused as I left the school campus.

I slowed to a walk some time later, I was walking along a back-street shortcut I knew, the buildings here had no windows that faced the street, only massive truck bay doors, all closed. I friends teased that I'd get kidnapped walking down this street but it was seriously a stroll down the street and a hop over a fence and I'd be at my house. It was the most efficient way for me to get home, and I figured my backpack was heavy enough to use as a weapon if I needed to.

I was feeling so secure as i approached the fence that I didn't realize the black SUV marked with SE in big white letters as it turned down the street, passed me and stopped in front of one of the truck bays. I didn't see the men step out of the truck, I didn't notice that a computer inside the truck had put the security cameras on freeze. I didn't know I was standing just out of range of said cameras, and I didn't know that those men had come for me until it was too late.

A man grabbed me from behind, clapping his hand over my mouth, holding it shut. I hummed in surprise, freezing in shock and terror. A second man grabbed my backpack and pulled it off my shoulders. I heard a grunt from the man and a heavy thud as it was dropped on the ground. Then two more men grabbed my arms as my body began to react again and the man holding my mouth removed his hand and slipped a handkerchief over my mouth and nose. Chloroform, I realized before everything faded away.

The End

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