Dawn : InteruptionsMature

I sit down on a patch of grass, my back leaning against a tree. Matt sits really close next to me. "Please talk to me Dawn." He mutters into my hair. I sigh then turn to him.

"Am I a bad guy?" I ask him, my voice sounding like I'm about to cry but I'm never gonna let that happen. Matt looks confused, a little taken back. But then he gives me a that sexy, lazy smile of his. "You know I like bad girls." He jokes and leans in to kiss me.

I move away, angry at him. "Can't you be serious? I mean it. Am I bad?" I ask looking at the grass. I can feel Matts arm go over my shoulders. I close my eyes as he pulls me back into him. "No. You put up the hard act but that's all it is. Just an act so you can't be seen as weak."

I pull Matt closer to me. How can someone I've known for so little know me so well?

I think this is the first time in a loooooong while that I have really felt calm. Safe. Loved. I turn around in Matts arms so our faces are inches apart. He leans forward and kisses me gently at first. I kiss him back, both of my hands on he sides of his face while his are on my back, pulling me closer.

Our kisses start to get more passionate, my hands in his hair.

"Erm. Er, Dawn." A voice comes from behind me and Matt. I pull away from Matt and turn to scowl at Henrys red face. "What the hell do you want?" Matt snaps angrily.

I turn a little back to Matt and put my finger tips to his lips, calming him down. Henrys face goes redder. "Erm. We're starting training." Henry mutters, looking away from me and Matt. I sigh and get to my feet.

Matt gets up with me, never taking his angry eyes off of Henry. "I've gotta go. I'll see ya later ya?" I ask, looking up at him. Matt looks down at me, his face sofens a little. He nods a little. I smile and turn to go but Matt pulls me back for one last breath-stealing kiss.

We pull away and I walk back inside with Henry, both of us silent in our own thoughts.

The End

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