Willow: Then What??Mature

I feel terrible when Dawn walks off but she's right. Everyone is seeing her as the bad one. Even though I know its not true myself. I hope the others know that inside.

"After we've trained" I begin. "Then What?"

"Then I think we should go bowling" I jump at the suddenness of Alaric's voice behind me. He holds me up before I fall backwards off the stool I was sitting on. Mayna didn't seem happy either so she flew over to Henry.

"Alaric get out" Joe says rubbing his forehead. Alaric keeps his arm around my waist and I don't blush but relax into it.

"Nuh uh. I know already so you can't kick me out. I also squared it with Dil" He flashes a smile.

Joe sighs giving in and turns his head to look at me. I see him also look at the distance between me and Alaric like everyone elses.

"After your training is complete you will be sent to go after Gagamot" Joe says simply. I shiver at the fact though and feel Alaric pull me closer to his side.

Which I really like. But its sort of strange.... the time its taken me to fall in love with this guy.

"Can I go get something to eat?" I ask.

"Yes, you may" Joe says. I step out of Alaric's grip and walk across the room to the door. I hear Alaric follow me and once I step out of the door I take off.

I hear Alaric curse slightly behind me. "Wait, Willow" He shouts. He catches up to me in the field gripping hold of my wrist and spinning me round to his chest.

"What's wrong?" he whispers a questioning look on his face. I squirm trying to get away. Then give up realising that I can't get away.

"I don't like how fast this is going" I mutter pouting. "I've never been with anyone before"

Alaric freezes. "Never?" He says questioningly. I shake my head looking away. He tilts up my face and rubs my cheek with his thumb. "Just feel" he whispers.

Then slowly he kisses me. I tense at first then relax into it.

The End

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