Dawn : Questions.Mature

"I've got one." I say, everyone turns to me. "When are we going to start training?" I ask. Joe nods, understanding why I asked the question.

"You've already started when we found out your specials. Before your mission truely begins, me and your guardians will help train you as best we can not only in your specials. This means that you all will have to go to all your classes no matter what." Joe says, he looks at me as he says the last bit.

"You will do both on your own and group training. This is because you all work at different levels and your specials will need to be able to control. You might think you can now but you can't. And the group work because you need to be able to fight together, not against." Joe says and after he says the bit about not fighting with eachother everyone looks at me and Henry.

I roll my eyes. And look away from everyones eyes. "How strong is Gagamots power? What's the limits to what he can do?" Kira asks. I was just thinking the same question. "He gets stronger off of the darkness inside of a soul or the shadows around, I don't know how much about all this. Dil knows more about Gagamots power but I do know that he has gotten stronger over the years." Wow, this Joe can talk when he gets interested in a subject.

Joe starts talking again but this time I tune out. So he is saying that if we don't get whatever Gagamot is after before he does,we won't be able to stop him doing whatever he wants and our specials will die out or something.

I start scratching my arm, I always do this when I'm worried. I can feel someones eyes on me. I quickly turn around but I can't see anyone. I know whoever it is is still looking at me, why can't I see them?

There's no where to hide here, the room's pretty empty. There's only shadows here. Shadows?! My eyes are searching through the shadows quickly but finding nothing. I'm paranoyed.

"Dawn? This is a serious subject and you are just sitting there like you don't care! You're sitting there like... like..." Joe yells at me, I turn back around, he looks angry but I know it's stress from all this. This is making me annoyed. "Like what? Go on Joe. Who do I sound like?" I yell getting to my feet.

I know who his talking about. He's talking about Gagamot. I shake my head. "Kira, can you tell Sookie she can find me somewhere around school." I say through gritted teeth. I start walking out the room.

"Dawn, where are you going?" Kira calls after me. I turn back to her. "I'm going to blow off steam because I don't really like people saying I'm like the evil dude who betrayed everyone!" I hiss, nearly yell, and storm off outside.

Once outside, the cool wind hits me, clearing my mind. "Had fun?" Matts husky voice says behind me, making me jump. I turn and see him leaning against the wall smiling at me. I shake my head and scowl at him.

"Don't even go there Matt!" I growl at him. Matt walks over to me and tries to hug me but I move away from him. I start walking off but he grabs my wrist and pulls me back to face him. My jaw is tight in the stubbon way of mine and my eyes are cold staring up at Matts worried ones.

"Tell me what happend." He whispers down at me. I look away but Matt turns my face towards his. He kisses me gently on my lips. I shake my head. "Don't Matt." I say and push away. I walk off but I know Matt's following me close behind.

The End

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