Joe began his story:

"When we were younger, we were all given a medallion. Mine was blue, Del's was green, Coral's was purple, Sam's was yellow, Sookie's was red and Dil's was multicoloured, with Gagamot's being black.

"We were all told we had powers, just like you'se have, and we were all excited. Having powers, being magic. It was over whelming. Then we were told about the fight.

"Being powerful had it's responsibilities, and I don't think we were ready for them - well Gagamot anyway. He missed most of the classes and didn't really take it that seriously. That drove Dillon mad.

"Then when we faced .... when it was time, we went, without all our training. We thought we were ready but we wasn't. At the last stand, Gagamot left us, and we failed.

"Our powers have faded now, and only a strand is left in us - enough to teach you lot. We were scared at first. Generation after genereation passed us, and still there was no sign of another seven. But then you came - only six this time. I see nature has changed it's mistake.

"We have kept track of Gagamot, as best as we could. It's a bit hard, under the circumstances with his power making him the master of the shadows. But our sources have informed us that he is helping the bad side.

"And that's what I've come here to tell you today. Our scout team, have just sent us a message, saying that it seems Gagamot is searching for something. We don't know exactly what yet, but we know its not good. 

"If he finds what ever he finds, he's surely going to pass it over to the bad side, which will surely only make them more powerful, other wise they wouldn't want it. That's where you come in.

"We need your help, into researching what it is, and finding it before they do. Your the only ones that can, by standing together to use your powers. Find it before he does, and we may stand a chance." 

He coughed, and then fell silent. I didn't know what to make of it; it was a lot to take in. I looked at everyone, and saw even Willow had a bewildered look on her. So he hadn't told her this part. Joe looked at us closely, and then sighed.

"I guess, the best thing to say know is, have you got any questions?" he asked.


The End

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